An EOS Sunday Salmagundi

….Without the anchovies, although I am the only one in the family who loves the little critters. My favorite pizza combo is black olives, mushrooms, and double the anchovies.

I digress. I trust everyone remembered to turn the clocks ahead, that one clock either on the stove or microwave that doesn’t automatically change. All the cable boxes changes. The phones and the computers did too. Dawg didn’t get the message and nudged me at a very odd hour to go outside – I could tell it was a Hurry Up Mom nudge – that was about 3:01 clock time, 2:01 body time.

Kinda of a gray day here today but yesterday was stellar – I was outside raking up big branches that had fallen over the winter and looking at what flowers are coming up. Then I looked way up, into the sky, and wow, a veritable tic tac tow board of planes.


Cos Harbour waited patiently while I horded the photos he so greatly emailed me in JANUARY!!! These were taken January 30 and 31.

Birch Tree Stand

Hudson River Bridge

Cos Harbour’s Boring Back yard

SoundBeacher attended the monthly meeting of The Garden Club of Old Greenwich and took photos for us. Spring is in the air for sure. The design category was for a miniature design with the theme being “Happy Go Lucky”.  I only see one shamrock, but they are very pretty.
A sea shell filled with flowers a reflective miniature


This was a nice mix


A horticulture entry a flower blooming from the garden – primrose


The best was the buffet table center piece and a table decoration


I’m still in Political Television Refuse Mode so if something major happens this morning, you’ll have to fill me in. Or not! 🙂

I’m playing Cinderella today, house cleaning my number one chore – mostly Dawg hairs, whoa, crazy visible when the sun lowers enough to highlight it all on the wood floors. It’s a three layer process – sweep, vacuum, mop. Cinderelly Cinderelly. You think if I say Bibbiti Bobbiti Boo it’ll all get done?

Happy Sunday adjusting to the stupid time change. What insanity.

7 thoughts on “An EOS Sunday Salmagundi

  1. I have a question for your reader Catherine.

    Are the conservative politics in Wyoming one of the reasons you are moving there?

    1. Hah. The political scene in Wyoming is so different than in New York I think it’ll take me a while to deal with the instant lack of liberal whackjobs around me. I do like diversity of opinion though so to be honest, I fear being around all conservatives might have its downside. I see Wyoming went for Cruz and he’s way too right for me. Maybe I should plunk down a Hillary 2016 sign in the lawn of our home the first week we are there just to set the tone?

        1. I would put that Hillary sign up, believe me.

          chris, thanks for informing me about the county I’m moving to. You’d think I’d know what already. Jackson has many LA/NY former residents, fleeing like we are. Not surprised then to read it has Dem base. I’ve paid very little attention to local Wyoming politics – I had to look up who the governor was when one of my children asked.

  2. Love the photos this week. The garden show makes me ready to get my own garden going and the beautiful photos from CosH make me wish I lived in the country with his type of “boring back yard”. We live on a postage stamp lot, but as my wife reminds me, it’s our postage stamp – ours and the bank!

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