Don’t We All?

Gwyneth Gwyneth Gwyneth. This is stupid on so many levels but the doctor in me asks can germs be sweated out? I don’t think so.

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  1. She should have named her company Stoop not Goop. She’s certifiably nuts. Who has time to sit in a sauna after getting off a plane? And where do you do this?

  2. She was raised in a solid home with pretty normal parents. Somewhere along the line she was dropped on her head. She reminds me of a 60s flower child, naively spouting words that pop into her empty head.

    More laughable is that the NYT considers this a news story.

    1. I read her parents didn’t spoil her as a child, that she did have a pretty normal upbringing. Agree she’s a flower child. Good analogy.

    2. Doubtful. What she and her famous, rich parents consider “normal” probably bears no relation to even an extremely privileged reality. The fact that she and her parents can claim a normal upbringing just certifies the lack of perspective fame and wealth guarantee.

      1. I’ll disagree on that only because I somewhat “knew her” back then. She went to Spence with my sister’s older daughter, there were playdates, the parents were always hands on, not nannies. The parents were in the limelight but I don’t happen to think they bred G’s current state of oddness. That’s all of her own doing.

  3. I’ve met her a few times through a friend’s social connections. She is very pretty, skin that looks like it has never seen sunshine. She dresses more like a 60s hippie than a fashion icon. I got the impression she’s very unsure of herself. She doesn’t project any positive vibes, or at least she didn’t with me. She’s no Stoop though, counting her millions through Goop and what she sells. I’m not buying.

    1. There are so many big websites that are talking about this today (and last night) that I knew I couldn’t do the topic justice. The topic deserves conversation, no doubt, but EOS isn’t the right venue. But as long as you’ve asked, it’s pretty sickening – the media blames Trump for the violence yet turns a blind eye to the organizers of the violence – Soros goons and I read (although I don’t know if its true) that many of the protestors enciting the riots were Sanders supporters. Is that fact or fiction? I PURPOSELY didn’t watch the news this morning because I knew it would be 110% Trump bashing and blaming.

      Do you have a different take?

        1. I thought about it, fleetingly, then realized everyone else and their brother who has a blog is hashing this out more thoroughly than I.

  4. Oooo, her crazy is showing. She might want to tuck that back in.

    Seriously, that’s a germaphobe’s thought process. Suddenly, her orthorexic lifestyle takes a dark OCD turn. Hollywood is a mental meat grinder: some turn to drugs and alcohol, some turn to saunas and kale.

      1. The irony being that whatever health she currently enjoys stems not from the physical science of her actions but her BELIEF in their efficacy.

        The placebo and nocebo effects are so ubiquitous and so powerful that the medical field (read: Big Pharma) has hurled millions upon millions of dollars at quelling those pesky scientific studies (read: most studies, ever) that show, test run after test run, that the placebo effect has damned near the success rate of whatever is currently touted as The Cure for This. Sometimes better.

        But you can’t charge people for healing themselves. It’s not ‘Murican. That’s why our “health” system is run like the Catholic church: unattainable perfect bodies are holy, bad food is the devil, and only OUR priests can hear your confession in the examination room and absolve you with a prescription. In the name of eternal youth, washboard abs, and the free market, amen.

    1. Gwyneth was never a HAS to get to being a BEEN and Madonna, uh oh, I hate to admit this, but I loved her music in the 80s but that’s where my admiration stopped. I mean, married to Sean Penn was enough craziness. Madonna adopted black children so she could emulate Angelina and she can’t even take care of the kids she had biologically. She’s a hot mess, not to mention her outfit in the link is a crime against clowns.

      1. well, i had to give it to Gwynie that she’s won an Academy Award.
        As far as Madonna is concerned, I always thought that she was an over made up troll that produced pretty good music. Covers by others, better looking, were always more palatable

        1. The only movie of G’s that I liked (and liked here is too strong a word) is A View from the Top. Campy funny take on being a flight attendant. Mike Myers and Candace Bergen in it too. She was decent in The Royal Tannenbaums and okay, she was not awful in Proof. G has one acting face, neutral. There’s no emotion, no feeling she’s into the role. Vanilla.
          Now, as for that YT clip. You don’t even know what song that little vixen sang did you. She could have been singing How Now Brown Cow and you would have enjoyed it.

        2. Holy Singing Nun, Batman. I had to Google her to see she’s for real, on The Voice no less. Sister Cristina must be from the Have Mercy Order. 🙂

        3. I got it, even without sounds. Stamos got No Mercy from the viewers of Fuller House, the new Netflix series. I guess it stunk to high heavens. I didn’t see it, sticking to the old and original Full House when I can’t sleep.

        4. Now you’ve gone and done it. I was about to turn off phone and disconnect for the night when noooooooooooooo, you post a link to a Kimmel Mean Tweets video. Did I watch just one? No. Did I watch just two? No. Did I watch more than three? Yes. Love them. I wonder: do you think the celeb sees the mean tweet before he/she reads it?
          As for Stamos, he can’t get out of his own way. I’m thinking he’s gay but prefers the I’m a hot hetero dude image. (NTTIAWWT). He wasn’t married very long and hasn’t married since. No kids. Stuck in the Uncle Jesse role for life.

        5. I forgot to answer your question. My guess is that the celebrity knows that the tweet won’t be flattering, but, judging from how they read the screen, I think the tweet appears while they are reading it and thus their reactions.

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