I Must Have Pressed 2 Now


Not sure why my Verizon bill came en español, but it’s better than what transpired over the Cablevision airwaves last night. Some media hacking blitz chez EOS?

Many (but not all) channels were totally pixelated, making Jeopardy unwatchable – who won?


I called Cablevision last night and they rebooted the boxes, to no avail. Someone coming today. Coincidentally, and probably the root of the problem, every time a TV goes on, I get a message that my HDMI connection is bad. Just as well that the TV reception needs repair, I didn’t want to hear about last night’s GOP debate. How many more of them are there? Aren’t we done YET with debates? And who watches them time and time again? Even I, the political junkie of all junkies, is AM (see comments!) done watching debates.

A nice soft rain this morning and some warm weather this week is making the lilacs start to bud. Early yet, but I can’t wait.


But the big garden is still brown and very much in winter mode.


Speaking of gardens, the plan this spring is to take an ugly piece of the front yard, where an even uglier carport stood and is now firewood, and create a veggie and herb garden, starting first with the fencing, a critical aspect of any garden around here. Depending on the price of the fencing, that might be as far as I get to go this year. Maybe some roses or other climbing vine over the trellis and the rest edibles. Approve?


Happy Friday one and all……


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        1. On her first day, the contestant Katrina something, introduced herself as a “Clarinet Evangelist”, adding she will go to great lengths to increase knowledge of and participation in clarinet playing.

  1. Even I, the political junkie of all junkies, is done watching debates.

    Even I AM done…..

    You’re welcome.

    1. She could and would do the fencing but she’s pricey to begin with so I’ll contract out the fencing myself. The problem I’ll face is that ALL the fencing on the property is over 15 years old, looking forlorn and some pieces listing like the last minutes of the Titanic, so this new portion is going to make all the old look worse and I can’t afford to upgrade all the old fencing. Ugh.

      1. Do you have a preferred fencing contractor? I can’t find a one worth sh** or affordable. Walpole has gorgeous stuff but it takes a kings ransom to afford them. Then there are the fly by night fencing companies who offer a deal (we fell for one), then go out of business in the dark of night. Our property has privacy fencing that is showing its age and I can’t find anyone who wants to come and repair it. The company that installed it is back in Russia and no other contractor wants to touch work they think was marginal to begin with. I’m in a pickle. A big dill pickle.

        1. Thanks! I will call them!

          I’ve had experiences similar to A’mommy. The people who put up the fencing down by the old pool were the worst, using generic paint to paint when I chose a specific brand and color. Their color came out teal and they had to come and redo it. That was NOT fun. They went out of business (not because of me). The fence guy I DID like and who did do a decent job and was priced right, DIED about six months after doing a large job for us (again, not because of us!) and his sons didn’t want to take over the company so it closed. That was tough.

  2. A veggie and herb garden is an ambitious undertaking. The economist in me says the return on investment isn’t there once the fence is installed and critters curtailed. Plus, now that you have a real job, do you want to spend your free time weeding?
    Assuming the old carport spot gets plenty of sun, I’d have it cleaned up and planted with a bunch of easy care rose bushes that will bloom all season long. Instead of growing my own veggies, I’d support the local farmers.
    However, I’d love to have a veggie garden in my front yard like the one in the photo. The fence is so very pretty.

    1. You are right on all counts but this is something I’ve wanted for a long time. The veggie garden in RI is thrice this size, takes huge amounts of time to weed, critters get at so much before things are ready to reap, the bugs, the drought, the salt water – here, I’ll put the fencing up, probably put roses etc in there and the smallest portion will be a few tomato plants and some herbs. I’ll complain bitterly as the tomatoes rot on the stem, I’ll write a blog post reminding everyone how smart you are, and I’ll plant more roses. I’m just a very slow learner.

  3. “Depending on the price of fencing…” Don’t you know someone in the landscaping biz that can offer you a discount? 🌻

  4. What’s that RI builder, the in house one, up to these days? A bit of wood, a few yards of chicken wire, a couple of gate hinges, a gallon of dark green deck paint and a weekend might be all he needs. After the carriage house, a garden enclosure is a piece of cake.
    Forget what the practical me said before. If you’ve always wanted a veggie & herb garden, now’s the time.

    1. That RI builder is still building the carriage house. He could easily build the fence but I want it before I die. 😁😁😁😳😳😳

  5. What’s your son the landscaper doing? Maybe he can’t pay his bookkeeper yet, but a pretty fence with a sign saying built by X would be great publicity. Bibi

  6. It was the “Craig’s Landscaping” photo from your “I’ve got a job!” a few entries back. That’ s where I thought the sackful of money came from, too — like last post, above. What’s his biz?

    1. That’s funny. I never looked at the photo close enough to see it had any business named on it. No wonder both you and chris assumed I had someone in the family to build the fence! It’s all making sense now.
      I’ll reveal sons business once he gives me the go ahead. Not yet. Logo still being fine tuned etc.

        1. It was a screen grab from the QuickBooks website and I never looked at what was on the screen.
          I guess I will next time! Thanks to Bibi and you for the heads up.

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