Warning: Special Snowflake Training

I saw this photo and conversation on Weasel Zippers but thought it so incredibly crazy that I HAD to steal the content for here. Hat trick to WZ.

The story goes that a man bought the entire Looney Tunes DVD to watch with his son and lo and behold, before the cartoons would play, Blu-Ray decided they should warn the parents and children.

I am flabbergasted. Speechless. Alarmed. Sick. Frightened.


Most of us were raised on cartoons. Good old Looney Tunes – Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Taz, Sylvester, Porky, Elmer, Yosemite, Wile, Foghorn, Pepe, Speedy……….

AT NO TIME WHEN I WAS A CHILD WATCHING DID I STOP AND THINK, gee, this is ethnically and racially wrong.

I’m guessing the Warning is mostly pointed at Speedy Gonzales cartoons, Arriba, Arriba! Andale Andale! These depictions were NOT wrong then and they are NOT wrong today. This is a cartoon. Meant to make people laugh.

I laughed my little head off when Elmer shot Bugs and Daffy but I am sure parents today refuse to let their children watch this. Too bad because it’s classically funny.

Long story short, I can’t for the life me me figure out why Blu-Ray felt it was their obligation to judge the content of Looney Tunes. I wonder what ELSE they object to?????

I object to Blu-Ray, that’s for sure.


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  1. I don’t get either being offended by cartoons or being worked up by a warning that some others may find a cartoon offensive.

    1. Really???? You aren’t the least bothered that a corporation decides what is “right”? That’s for a parent to discuss. The parent NOT Blu-Ray. In essence Blu-Ray is judging Warner brothers. You think that’s ok????? Maybe if WB wrote some comment, maybe, but I go back to this being a discussion the parent and child have, if they have it at all.

    2. The problem is that people are finding EVERYTHING offensive. There’s no stopping the avalanche of political correctness. BluRay has no reason to “warn” children. It isn’t their content. The content belongs to WB. BRay is merely the vehicle to play.

  2. I see the objection as two-fold:

    Peter is right to say the content does not belong to Blu-Ray therefore they have no reason to post a warning.

    The warning itself is objectionable. It’s poorly worded, is subjective, and gives the viewer no idea what exactly is wrong. If the man bought the entire looney tunes DVD, is he to assume that every cartoon therein is offensive?

    Bottom line, anyone who finds cartoons offensive is offensive.

  3. As depressing as that warning is — and it sure is — the legal department probably demanded it, and it was probably a wise move. Even though Blue-Ray is only the messenger, outraged PC types are quite willing to shoot / sue the messenger.

    I, too, grew up on those cartoons (or what I could see of them through the haze of my parents’ cigarette smoke), but my 20-something didn’t — not because they were verboten around here, but because he was watching other, current cartoons. Perhaps Blue-Ray envisions situations where Grammy and Gramps — that would be us — think it would be a wonderful Christmas present for the grandchildren, but our kids (or more likely their tedious, humorless spouses 😀) are shocked, truly shocked, at the cartoons’ offensiveness.

    1. I rarely disagree with you but here I think Blu-Ray is in the wrong. If I were the WB legal department I’d come down hard on BR for besmirching my product. WB has the only right to say if their cartoons are on the wrong side of history. No matter that BR is the vehicle. If I buy the same DVD set and watch it in my Sony DVD player, no one us going to admonish me. I should be able to buy content without judgment that what I’m seeing is considered historically incorrect by some third party.

        1. Who would lose what? Not sure who you are addressing.

          Let’s say you are talking to me and I am the legal owner of all Looney Tunes cartoons and I, the owner, do NOT feel my cartoons have stepped any bounds of history and I sure as heck do not think they reflect any prejudice. You own Blu-Ray and can call my material racist and prejudicial, without merit? If you get that right, then I, WB, should be able to have equal time in the pre-playing of the cartoons to say the Blu_Ray comments do not reflect Warner Brothers feelings one bit. Note that the Blu-Ray warning is not signed, Blu-Ray management or even the name of the CEO, if he approved the warning. I object.

  4. The point is that parents are so brainwashed to believe that kids can’t enjoy simple cartoon humor without it becoming a national crisis, worthy of a lawsuit.

    If Blu-Ray felt compelled to judge the cartoon content, then by their own logic, every content shown through their machines should have warning. What if I buy porn? Are they going to make me go to confession? What if I buy a violent Tarantino movie? Am I told to seek mental health counseling. Why WB? Why just the old cartoons? I’d want to know the answers.

  5. If I saw that warning, I’d return the DVD set. I don’t want anyone telling me how much salt to use, how many carbs are good, how big my Big Gulp should be, what presidential candidate to vote for (listening Romney and Jeb?), and especially, do not tell me that my cartoons of choice are WRONG. I’d tell Blu-Ray, Thaaaat’s all folks.

  6. If Bugs Bunny is controversial, I can imagine what the easily offended think of All in the Family and Laugh In. Would they consider the Lawrence Welk Show to be racist because of its white performers?

    1. Agree! Add Family Guy, Married with Children, too. The list is endless. I think the warning was written by a Pajama Boy type, someone who is offended at everything, even his own image.

        1. Thanks. That’s pretty tame in my mind. But perhaps it’ll liven things around here and Wake up the dead commenters.

          I see there’s a series of SBPulpFictionPants YT clips. All edited by the same person. That your alias and day job??? I see selecting perfect videos is a talent of yours. Former Blockbuster CEO?

        2. haha! i’ll never tell (and if it was Blockbuster, that’d be too embarrassing anyway) – just credit it to my short attention span.

          as long as you mentioned Family Guy (maybe not funny, but epic):

    1. You and the other anonymous are making my point. Look at what’s out there. If Blu-Ray feels Warner Brothers Looney Tunes comes down on the wrong side of history, it’s they who are plain wrong. A cartoon is a cartoon is a cartoon. Meant to amuse. It’s not real.

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