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Once a huge fan of Romney, wishing he had won the Presidency in 2012, I have watched him, and his fellow GOPe cronies, try and take down The Donald. So last night, when Trump took three of the four states handily, I smiled a bit, even though in truth, Trump is not my favorite.

What I DO like about Trump is that he’s an unabashed nationalist. He wants to bring back manufacturing jobs, and to wit, he won tons of votes from white working men who have watched their jobs disappear. Hillary says Bring Back Jobs in the same voice as she says everything – in a meaningless monotone that means I’ll say it until you elect me, then good luck with that. 

Not a Cruz fan at all. Rubio is too young and inexperienced, unable to speak on his feet extemporaneously. Kasich appeals greatly but he can’t win. That leaves Trump to tackle and beat Hillary….I think he can. I think he can. I think he can.

Meanwhile, this piece of mail is going in the shredder. Fat chance GOP Establishment. Not one thin dime.




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    1. Hmmmm, I don’t think so. I was not a Boehner fan. Paul Ryan is being manipulated by the GOPe from behind the puppet stage. Mitch McConnell makes my skin crawl. Yes, I did want Romney to win but I was equally a fan of Christie, who is far from establishment GOP. I like R’s who are not afraid to criticize the establishment and who will win votes from Independents and moderate Dems. That pretty much is either Trump or Christie (Kasich too). Christie is out. Kasich will be soon after Ohio. Cruz would get so hammered by Hillary it’ll be like the Mississippi primary last night when Bernie was obliterated.

      Give me candidates of some substance. I watched Morning Joe this morning and Joe surmises (correctly I think) that once Trump becomes the nominee, he will make amends with the GOPe because he knows he needs those voters.

  1. I can’t stand Trump but I do see how he attracts angry white voters. The hurdle for him is that the White Male is nearly extinct. There aren’t enough of them to counter the black and Hispanic voters who will queue up for Hillary. It’s simple math.

    1. Mommy – you disappeared for a long time so I figured you bailed on commenting here.

      I agree with your math and math isn’t even my best subject.

  2. You want a candidate with substance? Trump has to be the most insubstantive candidate in history. He’s basically a hologram with bombastic, meaningless talking points that mean nothing, will never come to fruition, and change from day to day. Trump is actually the epitome of a cynical politician, despite being someone who claims to loathe them.

    1. I’m guessing you’re part of the #NeverTrump army?

      Here’s my two cents: Trump is using his tough personality to mow down the opponents – a la street fighting from his Queens roots. He knows how to knock out the other guy, he knows how to schmooze with the Dems, he can and will define his positions once he’s secured the nomination. He’s still in Kill Mode now. Romney was too nice a guy to get into Kill Mode and he lost his $1000 shirt because of it. Romney was also too humble to brag about his wealth – instead Romney was embarrassed by it. Why? He earned it and should have been proud as punch of being so financially successful. All of Romney’s being Mr. Nice Guy, a man with substance, got him what exactly? JACK SQUAT.

      Trump is indeed a cynical politician, no argument from me there but I’ve never heard him say he loathes them. Rather I think he understand how cynicism works, when to use it, when to lose it, and when to go in for the kill.

    1. Really??? I don’t see it either. I knew she wouldn’t endorse Trump (duh) but I saw her more of a Kasich supporter. Why bother endorsing anyone? It doesn’t seem to matter, but I guess it mattered to Carly enough to do so.

  3. As you know, EOSr, my politics are so far left of yours that out of principle and politeness (and respect for your lens – not much mentioned these days) I avoid topics like this. But the egg has egged me on.

    With the Florida primary and the shift to winner-take-all states coming up in 7 days, permit me to opine that good government depends not only on a leader, but layers-upon-layers of dedicated civil servants, who serve the people rather than just their own pension interests – now out-sized liabilities on our next generations.

    Both Bush and Clinton brought fully developed shadow governments to the election. But the public sees that Big Pharma/Big Data/Big Money have bought their way into both parties. Our two-party system is dead.

    In Gulf coast Florida, the visible signs of fever are out for only Bernie and the Donald. Passion is now with the out-siders, who have no federal executive experience to bring to D.C.

    China is about to melt-down. Russia’s oil resources won’t save it, so it’s about to be a new world order anyway. If Rubio does poorly in Florida, he’s no use to the NoTrump effort.

    This may be the year when the people take their democracy back. Or when God takes his Earth back.

    1. You should know that I respect all opinions.

      And, I don’t disagree with anything you just said so how can we be completely on opposite sides of the political spectrum?

      The lens is waiting for spring. Stay tuned.

    2. Yes, dedicated servants such as Lois Lerner. This is what the left has brought us. The actual list of dedicated Democratic servants such as Lois is almost endless.

  4. If you put your right hand together with your left hand, they fit and conform together perfectly.

    But one is from the right extremity and the other from the left. So we can see things in agreement, but from very different points of view.

    I cannot actually “see” either populist bringing functional government to our capital.

    So watch Sam Bee and laugh:

    1. But isn’t the success of government when the left and right extremes not only SEE things in agreement but act on it by meeting the other half way. Obama’s idea of meeting his opponents halfway is by calling them idiots instead of idiots and losers. I’m one who works the table to get both sides to compromise a bit. I can’t help but think you’d do the same if in office, even if my views were polar opposite to yours.

  5. Regarding the photo at the top of your post … in what universe is placing a typographically menacing “past due” stamp on a $ solicitation request EVER an effective marketing move? I wonder … who authorized that? How many donor dollars were wasted on this mailing? If I were an Establishment R and received that piece of mail, I’d bang my head against the wall.

    1. I can’t tell you how many horrible marketing “ideas” the Rs have used on their mailings. Past Due is pretty tame. I was so sick of their mail tactics I unregistered myself as a R!!!!!! My head did bang against the wall. But the Dems must do crazy stupid stuff too. Right?

      1. Are you sure you are a Republican? You complain about every thing they do. I’m pegging you as a closet Hillary voter.

        1. Ha ha. I do give my Rs a very hard time when they deserve being called out but I’m way to fiscally conservative to ever vote for any Democrat and I’m way too ethical to ever vote for Hillary.

      2. Yes, but it seems I’ve managed to duck most snail mail. Maybe that’s because I only give money directly to candidate campaigns, never to the party or to any kind of PAC or other affiliated organization? I DO get a lot of emails these days, many with subject lines as annoying as that outer envelope. Easy to get rid of forever, though, with no need to get irritated a second time as I bundle up the recycling.

  6. Glad to hear that Mitch McConnell makes your skin crawl. Any sentient being would have to agree, regardless of their politics.

    Although I’m a D, I had a lot of respect for Boehner. IMO, he had a clear-eyed understanding that legislating always has been — and always will be — a sausage factory, and he was willing to make sausage to get things done. An old-school pol type. But then he got run over by a freight train of right-wing ideological purity. I do think that was a loss to the institution.

    Eric Cantor, not so much! Whenever he appeared on Squawk Box on weekday mornings, I wanted to throw my coffee at the screen.

    Someone in the northeast corridor please ‘splain to me … the footage of Chris Christie standing behind Trump. Maybe Christie did need to fold … maybe there are reasons he declared allegiance to Trump … but he looked so ill-at-ease I thought he might get the dry heaves at any second. To see that tough-talking former prosecutor looking so servile in the shadow of the likes of The Donald made me sad. It also makes me wonder if Trump has some kind of potential blackmail goods on him. Seriously.

    1. I’m a former longtime NE Corridor rat, now a Floridian like Earth Image so I feel somewhat qualified to answer your Christie question.

      I think he WAS sick – sick that he was stupid enough to endorse Trump. Christie’s real skill comes in orchestrating Republican victories. He was lauded as single-handedly responsible for getting many new Republican governors in 2014 and I bet his goal in endorsing Trump was to help him behind the wings. I think he would have been better served by quietly helping Trump than standing there like one of the Stooges. That moment has been parodied and memed to death because it was so odd.

      Cantor was a sell-out. He didn’t care a hang about Rs – he was all about himself and when he lost many of my R friends did a happy dance. I can see your point about Boehner but most Rs see that he caved too often to Obama. Ryan has compromised a lot making Rs nervous – it’s more that most Rs can’t stand Obama and hate that he gets so much of what he wants, thanks to the Rs giving him the votes.

      1. Thanks for your response, Peter — I hadn’t thought about Christie’s broader party activities, and didn’t know about his role in the Republican governors victories.

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