I’m Worried That I’m Jinxing the Good Weather

It’s so pretty outside, so so perfectly pretty that I’ve begun to move the patio furniture into place and even going so far as to take the cushions down from the attic. No Umbrellas of Cherbourg out yet, just some cushions.

Before I got to this point, I had to, ahem, clean up a few Lazy Dawg Who Me Poop in the Snow Piles – she’s such a princess sometimes.

I have this sinking feeling that just as I get the back patio all spiffy, we’ll have another one of those crazy April 1 storms like we had here in the 1990s – a huge ice storm that brought down trees and power lines – it was a mess. So, I’m treading lightly, putting out only one furniture setting. And praying to the Gods of the Weather to be kind.

8 thoughts on “I’m Worried That I’m Jinxing the Good Weather

  1. Played 9 holes today, first of the season. Wondering how much I’ll “feel it” tomorrow. I heard the cherry blossoms in DC are going to be at their peak soon, and the Nat’l Park Service had to move up their schedule by nearly 2 weeks!

    How are you liking Dead Wake? Another good book you and the Mr.might like is: “The Island at the Center of the World”, by Russell Shorto. All about Dutch Manhattan, very interesting with lots of fun facts!

    1. Golf!! Lucky you. How was the course? What was your score? Many three putt greens? It was a sensational day to be out.

      Loving Dead Wake. We really regretted not taking it on vacation but we were overpacked as it was. Thanks for that suggestion and the new one by Shorto.

  2. There was also a major ice storm in early March 1991 that knocked out power throughout New York. I know because I was headed into the city for a job interview and I couldn’t get there. I was sure it was going to eliminate me from consideration but the storm was bad enough that they understood.

    The April 1 storm was equally infamous and powerful, mostly because towns had put away all their plows and everyone was caught off guard.

      1. 1997. My first grandchild was born April 2 that year and I couldn’t get to LGA to fly to Chicago. Everything was shut down.

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