The Best Thing to Happen to Bedford Since The Founders Crossed the Border from Connecticut in 1680

A traffic light in most other parts of the world is a yawn but here in Bedford, every light that goes up is a victory for drivers.

The Bedford Historical Society was dead set against any lights at the Village Green, saying it would destroy the very nature of the quaint town. But as the town grew and more and more residents tried to cut across the Village in the years before there was a light, well, it was like playing Russian Roulette.

Here, before the light was installed, the Truck had to zoom across the traffic, not sure of the car would bear right onto 172 or bear left and stay on 22. Crap shoot. And commuter time in the morning, drivers would tempt fate and try and get two or three cars zipping across traffic. 


The second light in town came where Greenwich Road exits onto Route 172/22 (the two routes combine for about a mile). That light too saved many a hairy exit, eyes closed and foot on accelerator. Fortunately, there’s a Catholic Church nearby for those who also prayed their exit from Greenwich Road left onto 172 would be okay!!

Now, this week, breaking news. The Intersection of all Bedford Deadly Intersections, where 172 meets 22, is finally getting a light. It’s had one blinking light for as long as I can remember which was utterly useless.

Traffic on 172 backs up on peak times (school out, Friday nights) past Clark Road and it takes forever to get to the intersection, let alone turn left.

This is NOTHING compared to the backed up traffic going this direction at peak times.

From the vantage point of being on 22, turning right onto 172, traffic comes at all angles and goes every which way. I could turn right (red), I could go straight (yellow) and one I didn’t add, I could have my blinker on like I was turning (red) but actually mean I’m going straight then turning into the Shell station past the light. The truck (brown) could turn left or go straight and the traffic coming out of 172 (Purple and Green) can turn left or right. 


Now…………………Coming Soon………….


The real problem is when Blue Car does want to turn onto 172 BUT feels he doesn’t NEED to use his blinker so Red Car waits to pull out and turn left. Then Blue Car DOES turn right. 

I took this video at a quiet time of day and you can still see how people on 172 pull out and turn left right in front of oncoming traffic. YIKES!

This new light will dramatically change (for the better) the traffic flow in town. Thanks DOT, thanks. I’d be curious to learn how this light finally came to pass – who pushed the agenda for the County (because I think 22 and 172 are both county roads). I’l do some research today and see what I can find. Whoever you are, thanks thanks thanks.

11 thoughts on “The Best Thing to Happen to Bedford Since The Founders Crossed the Border from Connecticut in 1680

  1. THIS IS YUUUUUUUGE. Do you know how many times I’ve thought this is it, I’m dead, trying to turn left. The a*holes who don’t use their blinker are the worst and I wish you’d sit with your camera and out every last one of them, like you do double parkers. I make people behind me crazy because I wait until I’m sure the car has either turned right/gone straight, or no one is coming. I always seem to get the Greenwich moms behind me, honking because they are in a hurry to scuttle back across the border.

    I’ve sat for 45 minutes on 172 on nights like the church fair when the traffic is insane. This is even bigger news than us accepting an offer on our house. Would you believe from the broker’s open house, the day the power went out, the snooty agent who dissed me for not having a generator, brought me the family who looked twice and placed a very solid bid. We accepted. This is real now.

    1. Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your news is incredible. An offer right out of the gate?! That’s extraordinary, even without a generator! 🙂

  2. I don’t come to Bedford often but when I have I’ve noticed how congested the roads are in the Village. My path took me across the Green out onto 172 and I couldn’t see a thing at my right and missed an oncoming car by a hair. Then again, Greenwich is a zoo, full of crazy men and women who turn without a blinker as if its a blood sport.

    Catherine: as a retired broker, your news is great. It doesn’t happen that often that all the stars are aligned for a quick deal. Fingers crossed. Caveat: it’s never over until the ink is dry.

    1. Jane, We know only too well about the ink being dry. Trying to sell our first house was a nightmare, contract after contract signed, deal after deal failed. Fingers crossed.

        1. Tragically we’ll be the New York dudes standing out like sore thumbs. Wearing NY clothes. Unable to ride a Western saddle. Everything about us screams Just Moved From The East Coast.

        2. chris, what a stunning video. I shared it with hubby and kids and the kids in turn shared it with many of their friends, most of whom are jealous that we are moving to one of the prettiest states in America. Thanks for posting it.

        3. Catherine: as someone said in a previous post, you are doing what many of us only think of doing. We are excited for all the new beginnings you’ll experience. When do you plan to pack up and go?

  3. Back in my personal prehistoric era, 172/22 just had a flashing yellow+red caution traffic light!
    These days. More busy and complicated.

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