That Isn’t a Palm Tree I’m Seeing!


We’re home, back in Bedford, after a long but happily uneventful day yesterday.

Travel days are always a pain – we were up early yesterday just because that’s what happens when you can’t sleep. Double and triple check to make sure we packed everything, regrettably leaving behind an unfinished bottle of rum!

The drive to the St. Lucian international airport was a full ninety minutes of freaking hairpin turns and as you know from the last post, we hurried up to get there to sit and wait and wait, for a plane late arriving from New York.

Looking down and back at port of Castries with one huge cruise ship in port – usually there are three! 


Once in the air, the three very busy drinking 30-something women who were sitting in front of us played Cards Against Humanity  for all four+ hours of the flight, which kept them laughing SO hard we couldn’t help but laugh too. I think this could be the perfect choice for an EOS Blog Party!

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

The best part of the trip was getting our snooty asses in the Global Entry line at JFK but it turned out to be of zero advantage as the luggage carousel was slow to bring down the bags and by the time it did, even hoi polloi were in the bag claim area. Boo hiss.

Our MTC car service ride home was a breeze (we’ve used them for over 25 years!) – Number One son had dinner ready, the house clean, mail stacked, and Dawg all spit and polish clean and nails clipped too.

We did not watch the Republican Third Grade Debate and hearing snippets of it on TV this morning didn’t please me in any way shape or form. I’m just now reading your Romney comments in yesterday’s post and will respond later.

For now, we’re in full birthday mode here – One Mr. EOS is 6-9 years young today. I tried to bring a little present home for him from St. Lucia but JetBlue balked when I tried to stuff it in the overhead bin!


Left, just sitting like this, at the now defunct Cotton Bay resort. It’s an Oh Deere.

The funniest of all though, just now Mr. EOS is listening to his voice messages left while gone. A wrong number was from a veterinarian saying he could bring Chuckie in for neutering. I assured him it was a wrong number!! 🙂


14 thoughts on “That Isn’t a Palm Tree I’m Seeing!

  1. Welcome home and Happy Birthday!

    Cards Against Humanity is possibly the best game known to mankind. Caveat: Requires serious drinking and really good friends who have a sense of humor. I can’t believe you haven’t played it.

    1. We’ve CLEARLY missed out on not playing Cards Against Humanity. My kids know and love it, but I expected that. They inherited my stellar sense of humor.

  2. Welcome home! Did you bring back the fish thingee or leave it?

    I thought of Card Against Humanity as a antidote to your Boggle, but, looking up as to whether two players could make hilarity ensue, it seemed doubtful…

    1. We left the fish thingie because it was really crappy despite its outrageous price tag. We have good ones both here and RI.
      You make a good point about Cards being less fun for two. My kids tell me it’s best with a gaggle of UN PC friends. My Iowa family would play this with us but it’s a tough call to invite people over for salmon, with a side of crude rude beyond Family Guy humor. I’d invite Walt and his Mrs. if I knew them.
      Would you be apt to play Cards?

      1. We played “Cards Against” for the 1st time with 4 couples, after sunset cocktails at the beach. Went back to one house to play. I was a bit shocked having never heard of it. Let’s just say 2 of the husbands, who’d really been into the booze, got very exuberant playing the game. It can be a bit crude.

        1. From what I understand crude is the understatement. I think you’d really really really have to know the other couples well before playing it.

      2. Absolutely! I think “friends” is the key word among the players – one tones down a tendency toward debauchery when playing with people you’ve just met.

        1. really? i always thought i came across as a rather filthy minded individual (in a nice way).
          in fact, add in Crabs Adjusting Humidity and Cocks Abreast Hostility and i am there.

  3. We played Cards once and it was a disaster. The other couple, who we thought we knew really well, walked away. They haven’t been the same to us again. I think even best friends need to be careful about who they play this game with. We thought the game was hysterical.

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