Once a Rule Follower. Always a Rule Follower. 

Sooooo, JetBlue told us a half dozen times Be at the airport THREE HOURS ahead of departure

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha. 

Us and no one else. Ha Ha Ha Ha.   

Add that the plane is delayed getting here, suffice it to say we have lots of free time on our hands. 

Let’s chat: amuse me and tell me I’m not alone in thinking Romney is crazy stupid to make a major speech calling Trump every name in the book. Hey, I liked Romney. I voted for the man but geez, he lost because he didn’t fight. Who is he to tell Rs to not vote for ANYONE they want?? Romney gets an F in my book. 

11 thoughts on “Once a Rule Follower. Always a Rule Follower. 

  1. That’s funny. I’m a rule follower too but I draw the line at three hours ahead at the airport. Two, not three.

  2. I’d get to the airport three hours early if they told me to, too. Romney is speaking now but I’m not paying much attention. I’d like to know the real story behind Romney’s speech today. So far, Romney has said Trump is not a good businessman and he isn’t very smart, either. I’m betting on a boost in Trump’s popularity following this.
    Romney’s now going after Hillary.

    1. You think the GOP establishment put Romney up to this? Hmmmm.
      I saw a clip this morning of Trump ENDORSING Romney and Romney being flattered. How times have changed.

      1. Oh it’s coordinated alright. The question is with whom? All the other GOP candidates? The RNC? All of the above. It reeks.

  3. Romney: SOUR GRAPES.

    Agree with Swanton this anti anti anti speech will make Trump fans dig in their heels all the more. Hillary has got to be loving this and why Romney doesn’t see that splitting the Rs further apart is worse for the party.

  4. There is a radio host Mark Simone who has a program on WOR 710am I think from 10am to noon. I listen to him for a bit if I am driving, as I think he is pretty good. This morning he played a clip of Romney endorsing Trump sometime after Trump announced his candidacy. Saying he was a great job creator, etc.

    Of course when the Republican establishment calls him and begs him to be their attack dog, he is eager to please his long time masters.

    And just think, you will probably be home in time to catch the Republican debate tonight, all four hours of it (?) listening to these people shout and scream insults like middle schoolers.

    What a crop of candidates. And the Repubs are topped by the Hildabeast and her lies.

  5. I’d sure like to get a full range of opinions as to what Romney’s up to, and why. Keep it coming.

    I commented here shortly after the 2012 elections (tempus fugit) that I thought Romney was smart, decent, thoughtful, and motivated to apply his skills to actually solving problems, rather than using them to grandstand or to get into the “my ideology is purer than yours” Republican pissing contest.

    I may well have voted for him (and I’m a moderate D!) except for the fact that he chose to let his handlers run his show. That’s why he looked and sounded so tentative so often. That deer-in-the-headlights thing comes about when candidates — even savvy, accomplished candidates — jettison their own insights and ideas and logic and language and experience, and instead defer to the “wisdom” of their campaign “experts.”

    Here’s a comparison that will make anyone cringe. Q: What do Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have in common? A: They don’t (didn’t) let anyone tell them what to say. I have my bias towards which of the two is more substantive (take a wild guess), but one critical thing applies to both: you know that what they say is what they think.

  6. Romney was supposed to be the patrician class act but in my view he blew it. He sounded like a poor loser, conveniently forgetting his gratitude to and praise of Trump less than four years ago. Ironically, Sports Authority, a Bain Investment, declared bankruptcy today.
    My prediction is that Trump will sound almost presidential at the debate but will not abandon his NYC brashness.
    I did a lot of errands this afternoon and Romney’s speech was discussed everywhere, especially at the wine shop….
    Whatever side of the fence you’re on, you have to admit politics has gotten a heck of a lot of attention this go-around.

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