“In the words of that great American poet Ralph Walnut Emerson, you all has my infernal gratitude*”

*Qualifier: You likely need to be over 65 to get the headline. 

Or maybe just knowing what we’re cooking on the barbie tonight will enlighten you to who spoke the words and what’s in the photo!

The fish delivery was a WHOLE fish, just caught and filleted, but we can’t possibly consume the entire thing this our last day (☹️) so we cut off what we’ll have for dinner and give the rest to the housekeeper.

We’ve belatedly figured out that when you buy fish here it’s always and only the whole fish. You don’t ask the fisherman for one fillet. That’s why the deliveries to us have had so much. Slow learners.

We’re poolside doing a WSJ crossword puzzle, sipping coffee still and dreading the thought of packing up today.  It went way too fast. 

10 thoughts on ““In the words of that great American poet Ralph Walnut Emerson, you all has my infernal gratitude*”

    1. You one-upped me!!!! Love that. I did not know that the
      “The king mackerel or kingfish (Scomberomorus cavalla) is a migratory species of mackerel of the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.”
      Thanks for the fish education.

  1. Here’s my holy mackerel story. Today my broker invited about ten other brokers to preview our house before it goes on the market Monday. Just as everyone arrived, the power went out- all along our road to Guard Hill and beyond. Whoosh. It was daytime but still, the coffee pot went out the h’ors doeuvres in the oven stopped baking. All I could do was laugh until an agent asked me why the generator didn’t come on. That would be because we don’t have one!!
    You’ll be coming home to cold and maybe some snow this weekend so I’m glad you got a healthy dose of sunshine to keep you cheery until spring. Safe flight home.

    1. I fell off my chair laughing Catherine. You know that agent is going to deduct $$$$$ from the asking price with NO GENERATOR!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. So, just being nosey (as usual), I take it you have made the decision to move away from metro NYC to … Montana, is it? Good for you!

      We moved out of Greenwich in the summer of 1998 to a small unglamorous city in the central time zone where neither of us had ever lived but where we had a few good friends. This was before the hedge fund industry (and its presence in Greenwich) grew exponentially … in fact, our sale closed maybe 2 months before the 1998 collapse of Long Term Capital Management, and we were just plain grateful for our lucky timing.

      Eighteen years later, zero regret. Not crazy about all aspects of our new locale, but no matter where you live, there’s always something to kvetch about.

      Go for it.

      1. We have made the decision to leave Bedford. My husband was tired of the financial rat race he was in, working nonstop since he was out if college. 70 hour work weeks were not unusual. The children were in a rut too, socially and academically. There was no there there for us in Bedford anymore.
        John’s family are all in England. My parents are both deceased. My siblings don’t come to Bedford often as we own a house in the Adirondacks that has come down three generations in my family and we meet up there. We’ll still hold title to it but let the sibs use it more.
        It’s Wyoming that will be our new home. Jackson. We’ve settled in public school. The kids are excited to ride Western style and meet new kids. I’m ready for a change too. Bedford can be stifling and I struggled to make friends as vibrant as EOS. I will miss her very much.

        It’s a good change.

        1. But does the new house gave a generator??? Only kidding. Ours is in the garage. One of these days we’ll have it installed. Haven’t lost power since we bought it.
          A move to Wyoming sounds like a wonderful idea. Open space galore, powder skiing, rodeos. So many say they want to get out of the rat race and you guys are actually doing it.
          I hope you’ll continue to contribute to EOSr’s blog.

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