Book Reviews: Meh+ and Huh? 


Interesting true story but not told in a very captivating writing style. I also wanted photos…. lots of photos…of Drewe, Myatt, Goudschmid etc etc. I had to look them up on my own. What fun is that? I whipped through this book in just over a day so easy read but a bit dull. I wanted more drama I guess.

The Dog Stars

Okay, who recommended this????? And what’s it all about Alfie? I read the same 50 pages over and over. Then I tried skipping pages and reading in the middle. I even read the last 20 pages hoping it would all come together. Nope. I got that Hig has a lot of sex because as I flipped through I always managed to find those paragraphs. 😁

Someone smarter than I please fill me in.

It’s wicked wicked hot today and I hear-tell it’s almost springtime temps in NYC. We were hoping you’d have the Worst Winter Storm of All Time while we basked in the sun. No fair that it’s nice at home too.

I’m paying as little attention as I possibly can to Super Tuesday. I fear tonight Hillary fans will crown her Queen and she and Bill will be planning how to redecorate the WH. Hey, if memory serves, didn’t they steal lots of furniture when they left last time? A couple of stained chairs and sofa?? Bring it all back for old times sake! 

When I dare peek at Twitter I see so much Trump hate I predict the Rs will go down in flames in 2016, just as they did in 2012 and before. Fill me in if you feel so inclined. 

Otherwise, HAPPY MARCH 1!!

5 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Meh+ and Huh? 

  1. I found Provenance too dull to finish. Sorry I suggested it. Serves me right for mentioning a book I hadn’t read myself.

    1. That’s really funny. I didn’t find it THAT dull and I did finish but it was lacking.
      Do we know yet who recommended Dog Stars? Cobra?

  2. one reason you see so much anti-Trump stuff on Twitter is because they want it that way:

    (not a Trump supporter, per se, but, the entertainment value is top notch)

    1. One guy I followed on Twitter got the axe and there was a huge hashtag trend to get other conservatives to stop using Twitter. It all started when Milo Y aka @Nero lost his Verified green check. Twitter is hell bent on writing their own timeline. I’ve heard people say they have had “offensive” tweets deleted, and not because they did it. It’s pretty scary to say the least.
      As for Trump, I’m also in the “not per se” category but I do wonder how he’s going to dig himself out of Farakkhan singing his praises. Christie didn’t Trump any favors by endorsing him. It’s pretty messy stuff. Meanwhile, Jeb is home going “what happened”???

      1. The Farakkhan thing is a hoot (hadn’t heard about it ’til now). It probably helps to cancel some of the media drumbeat (oh yes, thanks Paul Ryan) regarding white supremacy. We’ve heard it all before:

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