I Know I am Sweet, But This is Ridiculous 

I’ve been eaten alive on my ankles. Either gnats or ants or no-see-ums, but man, they leave huge marks. And I seem to be the only one so affected. Mr. EOS hasn’t a single bite. I don’t think they are mosquitos because you can hear and see those. These bites just appear and I don’t remember being bit. They can’t be bed bugs or else I’d have bites all over me and so would Mr. EOS.

What I think is happening is that the outside dinner table is in a lee. No breeze like the rest of the deck. The bugs like my body scent and dive bomb my ankles. Then of course you can’t scratch them because they get worse, until you do scratch them anyway and need Benadryl itch cream. Bad bad me. 

It’s not a pretty look.     


3 thoughts on “I Know I am Sweet, But This is Ridiculous 

  1. Oh dear. That looks bad. I agree with your assessment that they aren’t mosquitos but that’s hardly consolation for the aggravation, not to mention the less than attractive look. Did you ask the owners what’s biting you?

    1. Really????? I’m not surprised to hear that because there are a lot of teeny tiny ants that aren’t any bigger than a pin head -but why me???! Standing in the pool helps soothe the itch. And rum. 😀

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