I’m the One on the Left!

Mr. EOS and I adventured today, kitsesurfing, and if you believe that, have I got a bridge for you. We went and WATCHED the kitesurfers, lots of people on the beach today, sunny and perfect amount of wind to get the updraft needed.


As we arrived, we met and chatted with a cute young couple, he here from Halifax, working for a year at a local resort. She, his girlfriend, here for a week on vacation.

We chatted with this man too, sounded American but not sure, just down from a long ride, saying he loves the sport and has been at it two years.


This woman was giving lessons to a very young boy who looked to be under ten. It was explained to us that the strength one needs to kitsurf is NOT in the upper body like I would have imagined, rather the core, and the knees. Rob, our landlord, gave up kitsurfing because he said his knees were getting bad.



The kitesurfing is on a pretty stretch of beach but locals know it as the sargassum beach because day after day, mounds of the stuff come to shore and it requires a good deal of raking to have the beach look decent.


Once upon a time there was a resort at this beach, Cotton Bay, but alas, it’s now an empty shell, with one or two owners still using their condos but no management and the place is falling apart. It was the Cotton Bay employees who managed the beach sargassum and now that they are gone, it’s up to the locals. But it seems nicely raked today, except at the far end.


But what everyone seemed to enjoy today, resident or tourist, was just being out on a perfect Sunday on the beach. Amen to that.




9 thoughts on “I’m the One on the Left!

  1. Picture perfect day you have there. Terrific teaser of a headline that had me stunned. I figured you two for a fun loving, adventuresome duo on the lookout for new experiences but always believed you had a prudent man gene. How does one tell his kids that Mom landed on a rock when her kitesailing kite safety mechanism gave way?

    Is a mother who allows her son to try kitesailing called a helicopter parent?

    1. We’re fairly adventuresome in terms of places we go and things we try. I, however, am The Chicken when it comes to climbing heights. Mr. EOS walked across the Sydney Bay Bridge. I met him along the span but did not go up and over. On the other hand, I’ll eat fish eyeballs while Mr. EOS orders the cooked chicken. We each have our own yes and no list and both us us said no to kitesurfing.
      The young boy kitesurfing was getting his first lesson today. I don’t think he went up on his own today but it looks harmless enough, until, as you said, you forget which way to tug the lines to land on the beach and not on the rock.
      Helicopter parent. Ha ha.

    1. Say what???? The broker is advertising it as “Cotton Bay Village is one of the newest and most exclusive holiday experiences in the Caribbean”????? What a crock of shit. Every unit we saw was boarded up tighter than a crabs ass. Grass growing out of the “personal swimming pool”. The beach cabanas certainly did not have white fabrics wrapped around the poles and no blue cushions either. Wouldn’t you think Sotheby’s would vet listings they post?? I mean, someone looking at the listing photos would think wow, such a deal. In its day, Cotton Bay got lots of good Trip Advisor reviews. The stories we heard were a succession of bad to worse management teams bilked the place for the money they wanted and split. Whose going to buy it now? No one. It’s going to sit and rot. I wouldn’t offer one dollar for the place, so I feel badly for the homeowners trying to get out from under.

        1. We too are confused about what we see with our own eyes (rotting infrastructure etc) and what we read. Just in case you are thinking of renting a Cotton Bay unit through VRBO, take our word for it, DON’T.

  2. You mean that the gunky vegetation that accumulates along the high tide line on beaches from Maine to the Carribean has a name other than “s**t from the sea”? Who knew? Thanks, this is my info nugget du jour. I try to learn one new thing each day. Generally not of an advanced nature. As in, let me know if you want to learn the meaning of different long – short combos of train whistles.

    Between your RI home and frequent Carribean travels, you certainly know the devastations wrought by salt air, and also the “bonus” brought by consistent high heat and humidity. Throw in quick ‘n dirty construction practices (with the extra i$land inconvenience markup),and a hot market, and, uh, a good ending likely isn’t in the cards.

    1. Shi* from the sea. Isn’t that a tuna fish brand tag line??? 😀 Earth Image is the only one among us who can say if sargassum is different than kelp or similar looking stuff in Maine and RI. Hopefully he’ll chime in and then you can learn TWO things in one day! Yay.
      We have seen real estate devastation everywhere we’ve been. Projects started and gone belly up. I remember back in the 1960s staying on the French side of St. Maartin, a guide brought us across the border to the Dutch side to an enormous hotel/resort sitting empty. It’s got to be next to impossible to stay afloat when tourists have SO many options. Every price range. Every affiliation. The hotel that always gets the highest marks from us is Half Moon in Jamaica, not just for what they do well, but mostly because their management is 100% locals. The current manager climbed the ranks from a nobody. Employees at the lowest jobs know that if they are seen as solid hard workers they can rise in the company. I’ve rarely seen a hotel so devoted to their local population. It’s a good thing.

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