We Don’t Even Know What Fish This Is, But We Have Plenty, So Come on Down! 

Let’s play Guess This Fish!

Coals to Newcastle getting ready.

We found Casa Bello and bought, for the price of a bar of gold (!) a fish cooking thingie. And here she is on her virgin bake.  
Hurry, we’ll save you some. Maybe. Cheers!

Overcooked mystery fish = Here kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty. 😀

We got tomorrow’s fish delivery late today. Baracuuuuuuuuuda. I haven’t a clue how to prepare it but ANY way will be better than our over-smoking tonight of what we think might have been mahi-mahi. Oh well.

8 thoughts on “We Don’t Even Know What Fish This Is, But We Have Plenty, So Come on Down! 

  1. That’s a fair amount of fish for two people. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t push it off my plate! This may be the year my fishing license gets put into play. Incredible that I need a license for salt water fishing.

    As far as books go, I finished Bryson’s latest and am about to start Little Victories. Thanks to your readers for their suggestions.

    1. It’s a huge amount of fish for two people but it’s easier to cook it all and have leftovers for lunch than to have too little.
      Don’t get Mr. EOS started on the bureaucracy of needing a fishing license to stand on his beach. It’s a big money maker for the state. The problem isn’t you and he who fish responsibly and shouldn’t need to be licensed, it’s the out of towers (for us, guys from Fall River) who come and overfish. They keep the too small fish rather than throwing them back. Cod has been overfished to near extinction. Just look at the price of cod next time you are at the fish market. It’s outrageous.
      We opted out of bringing every book in the recommended pile so the Bryson’s stayed home.

  2. Looks a bit like dolphin (mahi mahi), but not certain. We just had excellent hogfish for dinner. I am better at telling you what it is not: hog, yellowtail, tuna, various reef snappers, grouper.

  3. The only time I ate barracuda I had it as ceviche. Yum – but I was about 15, and it was my first ceviche encounter. We caught one while sailing somewhere in the Caribbean. They are pretty bony….

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