Date Night-Updated with Video

We gussied ourselves up and motored over to The Landings to hear Robert Taylor perform. It was a perfect night out in every respect. Easy drive. Glorious sunset. Lots of peeps. Drinks. Some bar food so I didn’t have to cook tonight and of course, best of all, listening to Rob sing and play both the alto and soprano sax (the latter we thought was a clarinet until he corrected us). He came by our table at an intermission and chatted with us, always fun as he is one incredibly amiable guy. His wife and kids were there as well, his wife sat down with us for a bit.

We’re home, not as easy to drive on the left in the dark as it was in the day, but a couple of miles was all we had to traverse.

Here are photos of the sunset, drinks, peeps, and video* of Rob and a vocalist playing. He told us her name and we thought he said Finesse but honestly really don’t know.

*Video not uploading tonight. I’ll post stills now and video mañana.



The biggest shock of the night was the total bill, in US dollars, for 5 gin and tonics (2=me, 3 Mr. EOS), an appetizer spinach fritter plate for me and an entree order of Kingfish and chips for the Mr. 

$55!!!!!! Two drinks in NYC would be $55. Note: we are going back!!!

8 thoughts on “Date Night-Updated with Video

  1. Jealous. I can almost hear the sounds of laughter everywhere and see the dancing girls sway to and fro (been to Maine but not to Mexico).

    Does Rob do requests? Maybe he can reprise the Friends theme, like Richard Cheese here:

    1. Oh no chris, don’t ruin anything Friends-related. But that video was funny, in a most incredibly awful way. 🙂
      We didn’t ask Rob if he does requests. I suspect not that this venue. He plays all over the island, at many resorts, so maybe yes other places, where the audience is less Brit tame. We were about the only Americans there last night. Rob explained that Brit and Canadian snowbirds come to the Landings for the whole winter (units are for sale I guess) so everyone knew everyone. We were the new kids on the block but still made to feel welcome.

  2. Thanks for adding the video. He has a very smooth sound.
    In the first one a mans voice says “Rob doesn’t mind”. Mind what?

    1. Aha. Good listening. I moved from our table to get a more front facing video/pix of Rob and the man says to me, I could walk straight in front “Rob wouldn’t mind”. Our table, while right up front, was a side view and my video taking was hampered by sound equipment and tent flaps and poles.

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