Well Read and Well Red

I finished second book this morning, Jason Gay’s Little Victories. Whichever one of you suggested it, thanks. Spot on. Laughed and laughed and even shed a tear.   

As for being well RED, yesterday I ignored rule number one about cloudy days: You can burn. And I did, on my arms and face. Staying on the shade under a palm tree all day today. You’d think I’d know better but noooooooo. Doink. 

Mr. EOS is halfway through the Leopold and Loeb book. He’d be farther along were it not for contending with me interrupting him every ten minutes: Where are you NOW? πŸ™‚

Gorgeous day today and we’re awaiting our first fish delivery. Mmmm. 

9 thoughts on “Well Read and Well Red

    1. Beach? That would be no. This is what you don’t know when you rent a house in a neighborhood and island you don’t know. The closest beach to walk to would be the death of one or both of us. The narrow road is uphill both ways and you can’t see around any corner, not to mention that when the paved portion of the road ends, it transitions into ungodly terrain that would require a ATV, not me in my TOMS.
      The other beaches are a car ride away and nothing to write home about. This goes back to what Swanton and I were talking about- the bennies of being resort rats where your chair, umbrella, and towel are THERE, at the beach. A drink is but a raise of the hand. This vacation is not that. πŸ™‚

    1. Chris moved back to the States. He lived here for a while then decided St. Lucia wasn’t where he could make his successful golf pro career. We’ve heard the whole family story. Fascinating and very accomplished group.

      1. Oh 😢, i spotted that when i was on the rental website looking for a little place to put the ice-maker. your spot gets rave reviews with big πŸ‘πŸ½ for Rob and his wife.

  1. Howdy from ConEdison No Power Central. Power has been off all day. Trees down all over the place. A mess. Do you know if your own house lost power?

    1. Oh yes. We even got photos of downed fencing and trees. No power. Thankfully the generator is humming. What was it-ice Storm? I didn’t see any snow in the photos. Stay warm.

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