Looks Like our Fish Will be Cooked Indoors Tonight

We had a delivery of fresh red snapper today and we can’t wait to cook it for dinner. We bought more coals for the barbie yesterday but agreed we needed a fish grilling basket. We couldn’t find one here. We opted to venture to the hardware store to buy one only to enter into the lumber half of the giant establishment. The housewares store is across the street but getting across the street is never as easy for us as it is for residents. Alas, no grilling basket but Casa Bello will have it, we were told. Where is Casa Bello, we asked. Oh, just down the street on the right a bit, the man added. Ha Ha Ha. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be driving on the left while looking for a store you have no freaking idea where it is. I made the mistake (my first in life) of saying I’ve SEEN that store name. I’m sure it’s here. I said that THREE times turning into three different shopping centers and three times I WAS WRONG!!! That meant crossing rush hour traffic to get back into the left side of the road to continue the hunt. Finally I called uncle, declaring I was not having fun driving anymore. I wanted to go home. We did and then Googled the store to find out it is in a MALL, that we would never have found it driving around. Sheesh. 

Just as we got home the skies opened and it’s been raining heavily for about a half hour so we’ll bake the snapper and eat indoors. And TOMORROW go to Casa Bello in the same shopping center as the GL grocery store. We’ll make it a twofer because the crackers we bought the other day for drink snacks tasted like dirt. Inedible. So bad we threw an almost new box away. 

The WordPress app stinks today and it won’t put the photos in the order I’ve assigned them. But I think they are self explanatory, even though they aren’t where I wanted them in the copy.    


Pan seared red snapper. Local broccoli.   

9 thoughts on “Looks Like our Fish Will be Cooked Indoors Tonight

  1. You could improvise a grill basket using aluminum foil. Or aluminium foil since you’re drinking UK ginger beer.
    Fold a couple of layers of foil, grease with whatever you have- oil, butter, whatever- poke a few holes in the foil and put the fish on it. Carefully turn the fish using tongs or better, a spatula.
    Of course, that means there is some foil in the kitchen to begin with.
    That fish looks awfully good.

    1. We thought of that option. Great fisherman minds think alike. Yes, there is aluminum foil here but we are going the pan sear route. We wanted some crunch with the Panko bread crumbs and EVOO I brought down in the suitcase. Photo to follow.

    1. We haven’t watched any tv, except to see what satellite channels come in. It’s a deeeeeeelight to be removed from the insanity of the 2016 election. A true delight.

  2. Take a shell from the oven and lay it across the grill. If the spaces are too far apart use two shelves crosswalks. Bibi

    1. The grill here has two grates but the grids are very thick and too close together. We’d hesitate to take the oven shelf as this is a rental. The best solution is to pan sear again. Thanks for the suggestions tho Bibi.

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