We’re Alive to Tell the Tale

We made it to the supermarket (and back) with only one minor oops*. 

Two markets, Super J and GL Food Emporium. First one for some basics, more ginger beer, Coke.. Just a handful of items that came to $76 EC/about $35 US, or something along those lines. 

We bought the good stuff at GL. A couple of prepared Greek salads for my lunch. Local bread. Some hamburger meat we hope wasn’t last years Derby winner, and more charcoal. We got some LP (local produce) zucchini and bananas and will go back amother day for the christophene. I’ve had it almost all my life prepared in Barbados but I never prepared it myself so I need to ask the housekeeper here how to do it before I buy some and ruin it.



Cush Cush, whatever that is. We did not buy it. 

As for the *oops moment, coming back I had to pass someone who was double parked on a narrow road. I didn’t go quite wide enough and the passenger side mirror hit the parked cars mirror. No damage to us and I did not stick around to see if his side mirror was damaged. 😁

As for our suppers, the owners of the house are going to bring us fresh-caught fish every day. We never found a fish stand and there’s no fish at the supermarkets. This way we can have fish but not have to worry which fish stand has fresh caught or flown in from Fulton Fish Market.

Gray day but we’re still outside. Reading, swimming, and doing a Sunday NYT puzzle. 

12 thoughts on “We’re Alive to Tell the Tale

  1. Questions:
    1) Do the owners live in this house when it’s unoccupied or solely use it as an income property?
    2) Are you going to see the Pitons?
    3) Does having the housekeeper around cramp your style?
    4) Could one eke out a living there in case the Dems win the prez here?

    1. 1. This is strictly a rental. The owners live near by, that’s all I know.
      2. Mr. EOS is hankering to climb a Piton. That’s the day I’m washing my hair!
      3. The housekeeper does not live in. She comes at our request. Minimum three days a week. Max five. We’ve asked her to come in the mornings after breakfast. We are so neat that’s there’s little for her to do. We aren’t paying extra for her no matter whether she comes 3, 4, or 5 days a week. She mops the floor. Puts dishes away. Straightens the bed we’ve already made. Changes out towels. Then she disappears. To where, we don’t know. I suspect she works full time at a house within walking distance and these owners contract her to monitor their rental. Most good rentals insist their housekeeper come by- to make sure we don’t trash the place. The rental contract said we’d be asked for a security deposit when we arrived but they took one look at us old geezers and figured we’d take care of their second home.
      4. Doubt a living could be eked out here. Lots of unemployment and we’ve heard stories of how the banana farms are now mostly owned by off-island companies, bringing in their own laborers to pick the fruit. We hesitated to buy the bananas for that reason. But did anyway. Tourism tops the list for St. Lucian income. We see lots of poverty here but probably no more than most Caribbean islands we’ve been to, and we’ve been to just about every one. There’s no welfare here. No food stamps. So I guess it’s up to families to care for their own. Shorter answer, find another place when Hillary wins.

  2. I’ve never had Royalty brand ginger beer. Regatta is my current brand of choice but I’m always on the lookout for a new one.

    Must be blissful to have room to stretch out and be able to eat what and when you want. Resorts are nice but I’ve not found them all that relaxing.

    Drizzle, rain, fog here. Dreary all day.

      1. The comparison is what I was looking for. You read my mind.

        I’d like a villa with a couple of good restaurants- fancy and casual- within walking distance. Cooking dinner while on vacation can get old quickly as can going out to eat every night.

        1. We’ll give a full report at the end. I spent my youth (and much of young adult too) going to Barbados every year and the houses we rented at Sandy Lane were FAR from walking to anything. But they were fully staffed so all meals were prepared and dishes done, laundress even ironed underwear. We went out to dinner on the nights the staff had off and drove. A big SL villa is now easily $35k/week and that doesn’t include getting there, buying groceries and booze, the golf greens fees, the staff tipping. I thank my parents every day for all the luxuries they gave us. We tried to go budget this year and our concern is we went from A+ oceanfront suite at Half Moon to a do-it-all-yourself “vacation”. We might have been better off starting a few notches above this. It’s still a lovely home. The owners couldn’t be more helpful or nicer. Everything is clean and works. The privacy is great. It’s just different. That’s the best I can do so far to explain it.

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