It Boggles the Mind

I lay claim to the title Family Boggle Champeen. Not huge in the scope of life titles, but hey, I’ll take it. HOWEVER, tonight, in the first match of the vacation, I freaking LOST. And it wasn’t even any demon rum muddling my brain. The last game of the match, Mr. EOS skunked me, racking up a total of 30 points, H-O-S-T-A, great find! 

My words:

I’ve already demanded a rematch.

We both finished our first books today. Mr. EOS is going to read what I just completed The Thrill of it All and I’m contemplating my next choice. Still undecided.

Another perfect day in paradise. Our drinks will be nicely chilled, thanks to the bag of ice but darn we don’t have any horsey durveys- drinks need something to go with.

Tomorrow, yeh I know, we’ve said it before, but tomorrow for sure we’re venturing to the supermarket and fish stand. Stand by.

4 thoughts on “It Boggles the Mind

  1. Tiny pancakes for crackers. Tuna with mayo, or peanut butter with catsup. Not great, but savory taste you want. Bibi

  2. I am so pleased to hear how much relaxing you are doing! My husband will.not.stop.working! We are headed to the fish market on Friday for stone crab. When we visited my mom down here, she would go fishing twice a week, so we had all sorts of delicious fish, which we miss. The fun of fishing, too. Wish list:boat.

    Eww to mayo, and to pb & ketchup! My dad used to make the most disgusting condiment sandwiches when he was left to fend for himself. Nuts, chartuciere, ceviche….oh, and if you can find a bag of dates (pitted are easiest) fry them in some olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, they are sooooooo good!

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