The Extent of Our Motivation Today 



Me in the sunshine. Mr. EOS opting for shade. Both of us glued to our books.

Finally, setting the scene for an afternoon nap.  

The only ‘glitch’ in the day is that we are unable to find ice cube trays in the kitchen and it didn’t occur to us to buy ice yesterday. We may may may have to venture out for ice. Or drink warm dark and stormy’s. Gulp. We do still have a couple of cold beers left so not all is lost, plus, we have emailed the owner to ask about the ice. 

Happy Monday all.

8 thoughts on “The Extent of Our Motivation Today 

  1. Surprised about no ice trays. You’d think in every rental that would be one of the top five things needed by tenants. Is the store far?
    Looks dreamy. Have fun.

    1. We thought it curious about no ice trays too. We expected ice to be already made quite honestly. No huge deal.
      Store is less than ten minute drive. But I think we were told most stores are closed because of the national holiday and anything opened closes at noon.

  2. Try cutting the beer cans in half. At least you’ll have a couple of hunks of ice. Nobody wants a warm drink.That’ll work until the shops reopen.

    1. As Mr. EOS sagely remarked, “ingenuity born of desperation clearly has eluded us”.

      Two fabulous ideas!! Thanks. Our landlord said we could buy ice at the nearby gas station. We’re going to venture out after lunch, drawing straws at who drives. St. Lucia goes by British rules. Yikes!

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