Wake. Run. Swim. Tan. Roll Over. Read. Drink. Repeat.

We’re pretty much good to go on vacation. Son is moving in to care for house and Dawg so I’ve pinned notes all over as gentle reminders to him to wash a dish now and then and vacuum at least once while we’re gone, preferably the day we come home! 🙂

We took to heart your book suggestions and ordered many of them. Thanks so much!! One that Cobra suggested that we really wanted, the Social History of the Machine Gun, was too expensive at Amazon for such an old book and I don’t have time to go hunt for it at a used book store, so we opted for the books that we could zing here with our Amazon Prime.


I realized after ordering Empire Falls I not only have read it but have it on my library shelves so if we take it for Mr. EOS to read, we’ll leave at the villa for the next vacationer to enjoy. Or maybe just not take it. Depends on what room there is in the suitcase(s). We’ve packed an entire suitcase of food – tuna fish, pasta, pancake mix, syrup, olive oil, salt, peanut butter – things that we can use without having to shop locally for those kinds of basics. Then we can buy fresh fish and veggies every day for dinner.

This is probably it until we arrive Sunday afternoon. It’ll take us a bit to send the first photos of paradise, so hang in there, we promise to take photos of peeps as well as sun, sand, surf, and sunsets.

Until then…behave. Happy Friday.

18 thoughts on “Wake. Run. Swim. Tan. Roll Over. Read. Drink. Repeat.

    1. Never fear – We won’t bring them all – maybe half. I have at least three of those on my must-read list and I’m not sure if they match the ones Mr. EOS wants to read. He has Wright Brothers on his list. I’ve already read it.

  1. Books, groceries, sun screen- did you leave any room for clothes? Sandals, a sun dress, a swimsuit and shades should suffice.

    Send a photo or two when you can. Happy Travels!

    1. Very few clothes! 🙂 Sundress, cute new bathing suit cover-ups (always hard to find cute ones), bathing suit, sandals, shades. All the years we’ve stayed at a resort, I’ve packed so many more clothes because I had to look really presentable for dinners etc. Not that I plan to look like a slouch, but I can repeat the same outfits many days. Aaah.

  2. No Kindle??? It’s the best thing ever for vacationing readers. I’m heading for Indonesia next Friday & must have at least 30 books locked & loaded on mine.

    1. I DO have a Kindle but I actually prefer to read book books. I just got an email saying my Kindle was due for a software update but it’s staying home. Also, one less cord and charger to take.

      1. You may not need to bother with the update. It’s just for the much older generation. I didn’t bother to read the entire notice (as usual) & left both of mine updating (I thought) for a really long time. When I finally checked I realized the update applied to a Kindle I hadn’t had in years.

        Have a fabulous trip. That initial feeling of that warm sun hitting your skin & soaking right down to the bones is one of life’s true luxuries.

        1. I have three Kindle’s registered to me. Two in my actual possession, one the first generation that is in some drawer somewhere and the one I use occasionally here. The third one I bought for my mother and use my Amazon to send her books as she wants. So, how do I know which Kindle they mean? Do I actually have to READ the whole email too? 😁

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