New Math: 12, 13, 14, 30, 50, 70

What’s missing?? The elusive 15!


Incredibly difficult to find SPF 15 that wasn’t Hawaiian Coconut or 15 in a spray form, which seems a total waste to me – a gust of wind comes up and the spray ends up in the gin and tonic??? No thanks.

I found this one and only bottle of 15 at CVS, but only after exhausting many other destinations for sun tan lotion.

On my shopping loop, I saw one tube of Ban de Soleil SPF4, a product of my youth. We’d slather that orange cream and bake until we were bronze, you know, until we got that San Tropez tan.

Here I am in the ad. 🙂


I can remember needing a tan in a hurry for the prom or some other dance, we mixed iodine and baby oil… and literally fry, often adding a reflector to hasten the sear.

Oddly, I don’t have one friend today who has had skin cancer. My father had some melanoma removed from his face after years of being a sailor but nothing that was considered life-altering. No one else, and we ALL fried ourselves – all of us.

I do worry that the high number SPF creams block the benefits of Vitamin D to the skin and body. I happen to think D is critical to the overall health of the body so I’m willing to get a good dose of sun the next twelve days, without being stupid, but also, not coming home to hear someone say When are you going on vacation! It is, after-all, ALL ABOUT THE TAN!


14 thoughts on “New Math: 12, 13, 14, 30, 50, 70

  1. Ever since we moved to Florida we are very cognizant of overtanning. We put sun tan lotion on when we play golf and tennis and also when we take long walks. Miami has many of the stereotypical old women who look like crocodiles, their skin all wrinkly and brown – there is a fine line between tanning and abuse. Be careful.

  2. Hello from sunny Florida! I hope you’re not mad at me.

    All those high soft numbers are useless. You don’t need anything more than 30, if that. 15 is good, but most of the store bought ones are full of cancer causing chemicals. I’ve been using pure coconut oil for three years and have yet to burn. (I do put badger balm –zinc oxide–on my chest,face and ears,though). It is messy but smells great and leaves my skin nice. Everyone is deficient in vitamin d thanks to sunscreen!☀️🌴

    1. Mad? Hardly! I’m jealous you and the family get to live in Florida for some of the winter. Homeschooling rocks! Is there any special Florida curriculum – things the boys learn there because of the unique flora and fauna?

      Pure coconut oil? Where can I buy that? You make an excellent point about the store-bought creams having so many chemicals – for a long time all of them contained PABA and so many people broke out with a skin reaction, most brands are PABA free. Thanks for the tip.

        1. Hehe!

          As for homeschool–we are still studying botany loosely, so we stopped at Olefenokee Swamp in the way down, study and identify various plantea here, and are planning field trips to Big Cypress Swamp and the Everglades of course. The oldest is also going to spend a day with dolphin researchers, which is pretty exciting. Otherwise, we are studying opera and memorizing poetry. There is a great cultural center here that live streams operas from the Met. We saw Turnadot last week and the boys loved it! Unfortunately, next performance is Lulu which seems to be too raunchy😳

  3. To this day I still love the smell of Coppertone (the original), Bain de Soleil & Hawaiian Tropic. One whif of any of them brings me instantly back to the beach & the days of great tans – before all the sunscreen, pale skin & vitamin D deficiency.

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