I’m Speechless! Yes, Speechless.


The blog Weasel Zippers is a go-to in my blog library – they are one of the only blogs I know that allows any and all language in their comments, even the F word, but it works. Despite the allowance, most readers are respectful how they swear. The worst language is usually in threads about Obama, and this headline, well, in my esteemed opinion, Obama deserves every bad word in the book thrown at him.

How dare Obama not attend the funeral. The Politico article linked in the WZ thread says Biden and his wife Jill will attend – I guess good Catholic to a good Catholic, that Barack and Michelle will deign to visit on Friday where Scalia’s body is laying in rest. Gee, how white (sic) of him.

If a sitting president can’t suck up and deal with a Supreme Court Justice whose opinions he detested and understand that the honor of being elected to the Supreme Court is a rare privilege, then God help us all. You know I can’t stomach Obama in any fashion, but this is one of the lowest blows of his egotism I’ve ever seen. Ugh.


17 thoughts on “I’m Speechless! Yes, Speechless.

  1. Even MSNBC twit Chris Hayes thinks Obama should go to the funeral in this funny tweet.
    Some amazing advice my mom gave me once: “If you’re wondering whether you should go to the funeral, you should go to the funeral.”

    1. Good one. I hope the media makes Obama feel like crap, but then again, if he gets guilted into going, it wouldn’t be right. That he doesn’t know he should go out of respect is nauseating.

  2. Is the idiot going to play golf instead of going to the funeral? The Politico article said that the last SC justice funeral in 2005 George W not only attended but said the eulogy. Bushes are a class act. Obama doesn’t know the word class.

  3. Personally, I’m more offended that Obama lectured the American voters on the election. He sold Bernie down the river and told “folks” that Trump would not be president. I think Obama has a yuuuuge comeuppance due soon. I’m not a major Trump fan but I can think of no one better suited to throw a virtual pie in Obama’s face then Trump. It would be the ULTIMATE You’re fired moment.

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