6 thoughts on “Spotted: Home of a Famous TV Star

  1. Female? TV star from the 1970s? Marlo Thomas? That Girl hairline?

    We’re home. Had a wonderful time getting to know our new hometown – scouting out schools etc was fun for the kids. Now to sell our house here. It’s going on the market early April.

    1. Yes! I thought it would take someone my age to recognize the hairline so I’m surprised at your young age, you even know That Girl. Pretty remarkable likeness, eh? And pretty ugly window trim.

      That’s great news that your trip this weekend was fruitful. Continue private school or will you do public? Your house should sell in a flash. Good luck.

      1. We’re weighing the pros and cons of public versus private. The JHHS is very good so that’s our first choice. The private school is good too but very small and maybe not right for the kids to feel integrated into their new town. The kids vote public. John is fed up with paying private school tuitions here so he too is gung ho for public. I’m keeping an open mind.

        1. The no private school tuition would be reason enough for me. We closed our eyes and paid private school bills from Pre-K to 12, and college. As you know, it’s not just the tuition. It’s the auctions and the capital campaigns that are the really money suckers. I vote public.

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