Got Any Book Recommendations for Our Vacation?


Something (slightly) above the Mr. and Miss series reading level I’m used to but not anything too deep either. Am at a loss for what books to bring on the trip. Would love your suggestions.

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  1. Anything David McCullough is good, his latest is on the Wright Brothers. If you were a Sue Grafton junkie back in the 1980s, there’s a new one X. I have not read it but I breezed through all her others and liked them.

    Are those the original Mr. and Miss series books? I think they have some value. Hang on to them.

    1. I brought the Wright Brothers with me on the road trip through North Carolina because we had hoped to explore Kitty Hawk but the bad weather forced us home early. Great read.

      Did NOT know that there’s a Grafton X. Thanks for the tip. Yes, I read all the others, binge read them, like kids binge watch Netflix today.

      PS: Those are the original Little Miss and Mister books – circa the 1970s.

  2. 3 really different books: Unbroken (bet you already read this), The Dog Stars (really different, poetic, beautiful), and The Light Between Oceans (interesting moral dilemmas and a page turner) Hey,when did the spelling of dilemna change??

    1. Yes, I have read Unbroken but not the others. Thanks.

      As for the word spelling: I found this funny website

      Are you one of the possibly millions of people worldwide that were taught to spell Dilemna with an ‘N’ and have been shocked to discover that you are absolutely ‘wrong’ because the word has apparently always been spelled with a double ‘MM’ as ‘Dilemma’….?

      There you are, happily wandering through life minding your own business, suffering from no spelling dilemnas when… what’s this? The Spellchecker on my emails / text editor / smartphone etc, has squiggly red underlined or automatically ‘corrected’ my spelling of Dilemna to this horrible double M spelling!

  3. If you’re looking for “beach books” try Laine Moriarty. Otherwise anything by Richard Ford (start with Sportswriter) Jess Walter, Jim Harrison or Richard Russo. December 6 & Us, are also good. These are books & writers Mr. EOS will also enjoy. Well, maybe not Laine

    Love, love, love the Stewie Mom. It ALWAYS makes me laugh. I really need it now that I know it’s available as a ring tone.

    1. Okay, It’s official. My readers are far far far more well-read than I. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t heard of a one of those authors. I’m writing everyone’s ideas down and will make a final list. Thanks.

        1. Okie dokie, going on the list. Thanks. Agree Wright Brothers was a bit slow but I read it while in North Carolina so I was looking for some historical references, not a good read, if that makes any sense.

        1. I spent a good deal of last year re-reading Fitzgerald – books I still had from high school (yes, they had paper in those days). I loved reading my notes from 1964 and of course, laughed at the Mrs. “John Smith” scribbles in the inside cover. [Note: I went to private school so we bought our books and got to keep them]. Seems I wanted to be a different Mrs. every year. Sad that I seemingly didn’t have aspirations to be Doctor EOS, just a Mrs. Football Captain. 🙂

  4. Carl Hiaasen is a fine writer for beach reading. Strip Tease was his first book. Star Island had me laughing out loud.
    I’m reading Bryson’s latest book. It’s pleasant and may be what you’re looking for- nothing terribly cerebral but well-written.
    The Boys in the Boat is a book I very much enjoyed when I read it a year or two back.
    Before I go on any long plane trips I buy a book of Sunday Crossword puzzles and tear out a bunch to solve while on the plane, waiting for a plane and just plain waiting around. The torn out pages fit nicely in a handbag or carry-on. Don’t get the NYT ones because you’ve probably seen them before.

    1. I love Carl Hiassen but haven’t read one of his books in a while. Lately I’ve been in a rut of reading historical bios. I just ordered For The Thrill of it All – about the Leopold and Loeb murders. The PBS show American Experience had a special on the boys and the murder and it so engrossed me, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a lot of books about it. I like reading about true crime. I think I would have made a good detective.

      I cancelled my NYT sub but before I did, I stashed away about seven magazine sections and have ripped out those xword puzzle pages, even made copies of each because Mr. EOS and I both like to do the puzzle and it doesn’t usually work to share doing one.

      1. Happy couples do not do crossword puzzles together. In our house, whoever starts it gets to finish it. The puzzle, that is. I can’t stand when my wife picks up the puzzle and puts in her answers. No siree Bob.

        1. I love my apps but couldn’t do a xword app. The coolest part of doing the puzzle is seeing it correction free, in ink. Pencils are for sissies. Can’t do that on an app.

  5. A book on my list of ‘to reads’ is Provenance by Salisbury. It’s about a con man and a forger. It was published a few years ago. Should suit the true crime requirement.

    1. Great suggestion. I love dish. Capote lived in the same building in NYC as my parents did back in the 70s. Remember seeing him in the elevator.
      Are you over your cough and cold?

  6. Ok some light read for vacations:
    The Woman I Want to Be, diane von Furstonberg’s bio She’s had a very interesting life
    Little Victories, Jason Gray he’s the WSJ columnist, sort of a rule book/guide
    Dead Wake, Erik Larson, about the Lusitania, an historical novel, very interesting
    The Admissions, Meg Mitchell Moore, life in the suburbs of northern Calif. a beach read novel

  7. EOSr:

    Moby Dick – it’s not a book about porn. Honestly.

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – you get to lip sync the N word and not feel guilty.

    Lolita – Just because. And she isn’t even a Jap.

    Green Eggs and Ham – A classic. But a difficult plot to follow.

    Archie Comics – I always had a thing for Betty. And think she should have hooked up with Jug head. But read it yourself, and you decide.

    Shogun – JAPS!! What else do you need to know?

    Manchild in the Promised Land – A must read. Seriously.

    HAVE FUN!!

    Your Pal,

    1. I read a lot of classics aloud to the children when they were young, one of which was Huck Finn. My kids didn’t know the N word from me but I felt it was a perfect way to expose them to how it was used and what it meant.
      I’m still reading Little Lulu comics. Archie’s plot was too deep for me to grasp. All those friends to keep straight.

      We have Manchild in the Promised Land and I’ve paired it with Ta Nehisi Coates book Between the World and Me. One A look back at the black culture and one a current vision. Should be a good compare and contrast.

      We plan on having lots of fun. Thanks for the well wishes.

  8. Funniest book I ever read was Absurdistan. But that’s probably more to Mr EOS’ tastes than yours.

      1. Much funnier than Borat. More like a Catch 22 on LSD and roids (not that I KNOW what that’s really like of course).

  9. “The Social History of the Machine Gun” by John Ellis. Fascinating.
    Also, “Billy the Kid. A Short and Violent Life” by Robert M. Utley. Read both during vacation last week.

        1. Been there and loved it. We rented a house, a dreamy house too, and had a fabulous time. Easy to get to as well, non-stop Jet Blue (and others?) right near Casa de Campo. I’d go again in a heartbeat. Glad you had perfect weather every day. I hope you are a golfer and got a round or two at the Teeth of the Dog. The tagline for the course is all bite, no bark! 🙂

  10. Jess Walter is a Spokane writer. I’ve read and enjoyed some of his books. Have a great trip. Daughter and husband just returned from an 8 days tour of Cuba.

    1. Really? My cousin just returned from Cuba, went under the Smithsonian Travel umbrella. She said the weather was marginal and half their group got sick. Otherwise, she had a good tour. What did your daughter think?

      1. They had good weather and a good trip. Their tour guide turned out to be related to someone they knew. Her inlaws went with them and did a picture blog of the trip so I also enjoyed seeing the sights. Both she and her husband did some snorkeling while there. Since this was an educational tour they had certain things they were required to do. Her husband is fluent in Spanish and I’m sure he asked lots of questions about things they saw.

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