Cheap Date or Clever Idea? 

Four of these wine “glasses” are in my fridge, put there by a son who bought several for his Valentine date.  

I said No No No dear, your girlfriend isn’t going to think too kindly of you for cheaping out here.

He replied – Ma, you just aren’t hip – it’s the newest latest thing from Shark Tank.

So I looked it up and lo and behold, Zipz was the single best deal landed by an investor on Shark Tank. 

The concept is the patented container into which you can extend your own product line. created by guys from the financial world who got their heads together to design the very creative plastic glass.

Zipz state-of-the-art packaging is the answer to the single-serve wine and ready to drink (RTD) cocktail category. Revolutionizing the industry, and winning some of the top awards in the U.S. packaging world, Zipz first major innovation was in the wine category. Combining innovation with sexiness Zipz Packaging created an elegant, portable wine glass made from high-quality PET plastic that looks and feels like classic glassware, with a rescrewable top that pulls double duty as a highly protective coaster. The flexibility this brings to the life of wine drinkers is astonishing.

Today Zipz offers a complete line of wine and cocktail options for our customers. Our filling line is located at G3 Enterprises in Modesto, CA. Partnering with one of the worlds great packaging and filling companies assures us that every glass filled is at the highest possible quality. Our oxygen levels at bottling are below any Single Serve PET solution available anywhere in the world. If you want the BEST, this is it!!

I can totally see its use at a picnic or at a lawn concert, like at Caramoor, or a Fourth of July fest on the beach where you don’t want to lug bottles of wine, glasses, and a corkscrew. At a dinner party? Not so much. For a certain age group, I think so.

The reviews of the wine itself however are so far meh but I guess that problem can be resolved when more wine brands branch out into these portable containers. After all, isn’t boxed wine, once singularly used by winos on the streets, now fashionable?

So kudos to these inventors. Am I going to rush out and buy some? Not likely, but I might try one, Mom Tax for using space in my fridge!

11 thoughts on “Cheap Date or Clever Idea? 

  1. I can see their appeal across the board. Where can I buy them, or where did your son buy those? I doubt the high end wine brands will go for the Zipz but I can see corporate events buying cases with a company logo etc, or a beach wedding. Tons of uses.

    1. Looks like you can buy the wine on Amazon. I’m surprised by that because I didn’t think liquor could be sent in the mail. The Amazon reviews are awful.

      ByJim Fordon January 1, 2015
      I purchased for my wife for Christmas, but she gave it a thumbs down (so did my daughter).

      Ghastly wine!
      ByJonathan Harrison December 25, 2014
      The quality of the wine is just plain awful. I had an allergic reaction to the molds and sulfites. The fake glass is weird to drink out of with threading at the lip for a screw on cap. I won’t buy these again.

      Bad grape juice.
      ByKeith Ordanon January 1, 2015
      Awesome package, convenience, idea. Horrible quality wine. Will reuse the cup but pour a decent tasting wine in it before I take to an event. Pour the wine down the drain and it’s a winner.

      Mr. Not so Wonderful wine.
      ByJohn Ron January 20, 2015
      Good idea, horrible wine. Merlot tasted like it had been aired out for several days. Bland.. Buy a cheap bottle of wine at Walmart, tastes 100% better. Lid drips when you unscrew it if you moved at all.. Not worth it at all. Mr. Wonderfuls wine nor so wonderful.

  2. There is an untapped market (I think – my research data is one) for small quantities of great wine. I open a bottle of wine, drink one glass and a few days to a week later it’s bad. Someone needs to come up with something good!!

    1. Agree that there is need for small quantities. I’d buy a half bottle but I’ve never seen such a thing. I haven’t tried a box of wine but Brit’s comment will encourage me to try it.

      1. Sorry, anon cheap date above is me. Kings in OG – – their new attached wine store – – has 1/2 bottles. Good ones. Still, I end up throwing wine out. Mr T doesn’t drink. The box wine is OK, just OK.

  3. I haven’t tried boxes in the USA, but used to go that route when we lived in UK, kids were small and one glass of wine was needed at the end of the day!

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