How Cold Is It????

So cold Dawg looked up at me as if to beg she be allowed to use the hallway bathroom instead of going outside. I don’t blame her one bit. Worse, when I did let her out, I’d forgotten that overnight I put the interior door on her doggie door so that she couldn’t get back inside on her own. Bad mom, bad bad mom. Thankfully I watched her the whole time she was outside, able to get her to come in the front door.

The other cold joke is that there’s a smoke alarm upstairs that keeps beeping, even though we’ve replaced the battery. We’ve reset it, we’ve tried other batteries but the pad that connects the 9v tips is broken, not allowing a proper connection. It beeps even without a battery (chris, Friends junkies will immediately recall this same scenario, happening to which character?) so until we get to the store today to buy a replacement, it got tossed out into the snow – and damn, it still keeps on beeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Sunday and officially finally Happy Valentine’s Day. Banana pancakes here and bacon. Lots of good strong coffee. I need something to help me get over the Republican debate last night. Did you watch?????

9 thoughts on “How Cold Is It????

    1. Too too funny Anon2. Herewith a hug from me.

      I didn’t watch much, a few minutes when Trump and Bush were fighting over Iraq and when Kasich called out the moderator, but that’s all. I expect to hear/see a full replay this morning on all the politico shows.

    1. No worries at all. Since I am three hours behind you guys, I’ll always be late to the party. Great clip and made go back and look at the NEST horror video again:

      1. Dawg freaked out when I played that video clip. The high pitch went right through her ears and she got up out of a sound sleep and ran to the next room. That alarm is why guns are so important to have in the home. 🙂

  1. It’s chilly in Miami this morning too – a brisk 67 with temps only going up to the low 70s. 🙂

    We did not watch the debate, instead went to one of Miami’s best hotspots for dinner. Ariete. I earned brownie points for scoring a reservation there and it was packed but the food was delicious.

    1. 67. Gee, that’s cruel Peter. We’re seven days away from basking in 85 degree weather. I’ll be sure to point that out to you. 🙂
      Kudos for the reservation get. I know lots of men scrambling at the last minute to make a reservation at a good restaurant. What did you have?

      1. Fair enough. We haven’t successfully guessed your vacation location. When do we get another clue?

        I had the rib eye, rare, mooing almost. The wife had wood-grilled chicken. We did the spousal right of passage and shared each other’s entree.

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