Final Vacation Clue

A week from today, we will be 99% done with our flight for twelve days of sunshine, golf, fresh caught fish, and oh, did I say sunshine?

Your clue today is:

This man owns the house we are renting. 


Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Final Vacation Clue

      1. No but I have Google and I searched “Caribbean rock singers” until I saw the photos you used. Zi Taylor. St. Lucia!

    1. I don’t know a thing about the guy other than the house listing touts his ownership. We’ll let you know when we meet him and his wife. They give us a tour of the house and neighborhood the second day we are in residence.

    1. Now that’s funny!!! I made a point of looking for a photo that didn’t have his name in the image tags because I know you, for one, are a genius sleuther.

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