So What Do We Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day?

First, absolutely no e-Valentine cards please, even if they are really funny.

Flowers are always appreciated, but please, not a traditional bouquet of red roses – I’d rather it be something you hand picked at the florist, nothing matchy-matchy, just what YOU thought I would like to smell and see. Simple works.


Chocolate. Sure, who doesn’t love chocolate, but rather than buying me a box from CVS, why not make me something…like either of these. If you can build a house, you can handle cookies or an Oreo cake!

I’ll pass on lingerie as a gift – I don’t know, as I get older, that come hither look your man might wish for seeing you in a teeny teddy, well, this old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. 🙂

Booze is always a good gift and I just heard of a new Colorado bourbon I’d love to try. Yes please.

Mostly, I just want a smile, a look of love, a gentle touch on the small of my back.

Oh, and this. Thank you in advance sweetie.


PS: Puppies will do in a pinch if the $125million for the house is too much.
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14 thoughts on “So What Do We Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day?

  1. Going out to dinner is a must in our marriage. And not KFC drive-through either. It’s a lot of pressure for a man to know how to make his wife happy on February 14. It’s intimidating too.

    1. Aw Peter, it’s not complicated if you pay attention to us the other 364 days a year and know what makes us smile. It doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top, just thoughtful.

  2. Why is it men have to do all the giving? My wife and I both work, both have demanding jobs, both share in the care of the house and kids – shouldn’t she be buying me flowers and candy?

    1. Good question austin. I don’t know the answer for modern couples. I think you’ve raised a valid point though that if the relationship is shared, then stands to reason your wife could (and should) shower you with candy and flowers. Who pays if you go out to dinner?

      1. We are going out to dinner. My wife will pay for the sitter and I’ll pay for the dinner. That’s about the same amount of money because getting a sitter on V-Day is next to impossible. They are like Uber and charge a premium for Feb. 14 🙂

    1. My eyes My eyes. Oh goodness. That’s a sight to behold. And now I wonder if all the ads on my home page will be inspired by this gem, with the cookie imprint left from clicking the link.

      I’ll take the Leica Q.

    2. Sometimes I wear my Hillary faced underwear, but I need to admit that when I do, it is worn backwards and inside out. 🙂

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