I Guess Fashion Is In The Eye of the Beholder??

This is Fashion Week in NYC so my Instagram feed is full of photos from Dior and the like. Then this popped into my timeline last night. Um,

Kanye West had a show at Madison Square Garden that was, well, interesting. I know I know, a runway show should be over the top outrageous, strutting the designer’s unique style but honestly I couldn’t tell if these models were male or female. Maybe that’s Kanye’s goal- to make his line unisex so his father in law can wear anything?

The whole Kardashian West clan came out to support Kanye’s efforts last night, sporting an understated elegance the Kardashian’s are famous for!

Hey, Kanye could sit home and count his millions from record sales yet he’s out there honing his brand. His clothes may not appeal to me but I don’t think he’s crying at losing my money. I say more power to him and all the Kardashian’s. Capitalism rules baby.

2 thoughts on “I Guess Fashion Is In The Eye of the Beholder??

  1. I’m waiting for kilts, knee socks, fair isle sweaters, weejuns to make a comeback. Throw in a pair of Pappagallo’s and a Settebello turtleneck.
    Better yet would be clothes in good fabrics, cut well and not costing an arm and a leg.

    1. I think I’ve posted a photo of it here before but I still HAVE one if my high school kilts, pin and all. I have at least three sweaters from then too, stashed away. As you said, they may all come back in style. I’m ready!!

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