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I was reading the local online rag and saw a link to a very pretty house here in Bedford.

The exterior looks classic so when I started looking at the photos of the interior, I fell off my chair. Hardly at all what I’d expect.


The living room is heavily carved and ornate….

The kitchen is very Tuscan….

The master bedroom is okay I guess but that bed sure makes a statement…

Then there’s the basement – the ceiling and mahogany – oh my, it’s hard to take in.

The question I guess is should an exterior and interior blend? Not be all matchy-matchy, but wouldn’t you expect a classic New England farmhouse to have a simpler kitchen and less ornate rooms?

Their house, their choice, but I wonder how many people are turned away because of the interior. It’s not easily changed. I would have to pass.

The children must be sad to be selling. Look at the HUGE swing set……I’ve never seen one so enormous.


10 thoughts on “Real Estate Question

  1. Here’s my new opinion (new because we are new first time owners and I feel differently now): people should live in a house exterior and interior that makes them happy. They should match if it makes you happy that they match, or not match if you like some ornate design in the farmhouse you bought. Of course when you go to sell, a mis match might fetch a lower price but i still think people should live in what they want. Same goes for renovations. Renovate something if you are doing it for yourself to enjoy for you. Don’t do it just for resale because much of the time people buying don’t want your vision anyway – or the vision was executed long enough ago where it is no longer new enough.

    1. Oh I agree with you in principle but there’s a big difference here and I mean YUUUUGE between this house exterior and why someone would be attracted to it and its interior which has no bearing on anything. Plus, it’s one thing to decorate and design to your taste but this isn’t paint and wallpaper we’re talking about changing. You’d have to love this interior to buy the house and I’d bet my last dollar if you love the interior, the exterior is not what you are looking for. The extremes here are what it hard to overcome. Otherwise, yes, by all means, decorate to your own wants and needs.

  2. The difference is incredible. The interior might be lovely in a Victorian but not here. I bet the sellers will take a hit in the price. The interior millwork looks good quality, I’ll give it that much.

  3. Wouldn’t you figure the house was custom built for these owners? I can’t imagine they took a vanilla interior and transformed it to the villa effect. Brave to be so bold for a farmhouse but as Toones said decorate how you want, not for others.

    1. Good point Mommy, that the house was custom built. That makes sense. Otherwise to take the basement to that degree of custom woodwork after moving in would almost be impossible. The dichotomy for me is that the interior is all one style and the exterior is all another.

  4. It is a YUUUUGE difference! Very true. A definite disconnect. Maybe the woman of the house leans country classic and the man leans victorian man cave?

  5. I can’t say if this is the case here, but not everyone buys and renovates their house from an investment perspective. They could have bought the house and improved it to suit their taste.

    I view it as me buying original art on a modest budget, at least by Greenwich standards. I was so worried about the purchased art holdings its value and appreciating, while knowing that the works would probably never be considered “high-brow.” Time and time again an artist would say buy it because you like it and it gives you pleasure, not because it is an investment. Now that many years have passed and quite a few friendships with the painters and no more wall space I finally understand what they meant. Our family’s art brings me pleasure every day, but I would be hard pressed to ever get back an amount even close to what I paid if we attempted to sell, and I really don’t care. I would do it all over again is given a choice. Not everything is about money or the last dollar.

    Perhaps the folks who did this house felt the same way; they renovated, designed and decorated to suit their tastes, so when they came home every day they were happy. And to them the money was well spent, regardless of them ever cashing out for what they paid.

    PS I think it is a beautiful house, both inside and out. I drool at the wall space, although much of the art I own would barely hold its own given the quality of the interior.

    1. I get your point. And I concede that both you and Toonces are right, that a homeowner should live in decor that suits their taste. I guess my point is lost somewhere.

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