Two Black Eyed Peas in a Pod?

Wait til you taste the collard greens Bernie. 
Chitlins Summit 

Well well well, the man who wants to raise taxes talks to the guy who doesn’t pay taxes. Sharpton was interviewed after this meeting to say the meeting was not an endorsement but I’ll bet he comes out in favor of Bernie over Hillary. Who agrees with me?

18 thoughts on “Two Black Eyed Peas in a Pod?

  1. I agree with you. I don’t think Sharpton is a huge fan of Hillary even though Bill’s office is feet away from Sylvia’s in Harlem.

    It’s scary as hell how much influence Al has on candidates and the current White House occupant.

        1. KFC does breakfast waffles? How did I not know that? Probably because there’s no KFC within 50 miles of me. The last time I had a bucket o’chicken was at least a decade ago near Brewster NY after a trip to Home Depot. I had a hankering for extra crispy and bought a meal and brought it home. The first piece was good but after that, I could feel my arteries tightening up. Their mashed potatoes and biscuits are good though. Darn, now I’m hungry. Thanks, It’s all your fault.

  2. What a crock that Bernie has reduced himself to listen to Sharpton. There are so many good black leaders who could advise Bernie but to be one of Al’s Stooges, that knocks Bernie down several notches in my book.

    1. Good point but Al does have the ear of the black lives matter nation, right or wrong and an endorsement from Sharpton would be a huge feather in Bernie’s cap. Don’t forget, Hillary has told her supporters that Iowa and NH are too white and don’t represent her constituents – and by that she means to tell people the black voter is all in for her. I think that’s a dangerous message, to assume one voting block is yours. I wouldn’t discount Bernie’s ability to reach out to the black voters and the black ministers, just to prove that NH and Iowa were not flukes.

    2. I heard Al speak after this meeting and he wants to make sure that whoever the D nominee is will approve of continuing Al and Obama’s goal of making every black a victim of white privilege. Where are the blacks who can stand up to Sharpton’s divisive stances? That would be who I’d look for as a candidate.

    1. Hysterical. I’m sad Carly is out but glad she saw that her campaign is finished. What I find the most amazing about her is that she never once used the gender card. She’s bright and well spoken. Just never caught on. Hillary could take a few gender lessons from Carly.
      Christie’s campaign is saying not so fast about the rumors he’s calling it quits. I hope he’s out, even though I liked him a lot. Carson needs to bail too, like today.

      1. I liked Carly, but, my biggest concern was if she couldn’t beat one of the stupidest people in the senate, Barbara Boxer, she didn’t have game for a nationwide candidacy.

        1. Agree. Also, she was more of a broken record than Rubio and her speeches were pretty canned but to quote Lou Grant, Carly had spunk. I like spunk.

  3. Regarding Sharpton : Sad, but true, and — apparently — eternal:

    Every major D candidate is required to pay homage to Sharpton. It’s a lopsided proposition; Sharpton’s good will guarantees absolutely nothing, but his ill will guarantees damaging pop-up problems, with really bad optics, under really acute media scrutiny.

    But Rs, don’t be smug: There’s yet to be an R candidate who has been able to tell Sharpton to take a long hike off a short pier. Even though I’m a D, l’d LOVE to see that. Post Tawana Brawley, which was — uh — 2 plus decades ago? — I can’t believe the guy gets even one minute of media time.

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