5 thoughts on “Clue Number Two

  1. So, you going on a vacay or are you permanently vacating the USA because of the New Hampshire primary results? Could either of those winners be as bad as 8 years of Mr. SCoaMF?

      1. Too many red states for that to happen. Anyway. Ain’t it funny that here “Red” is for conservative free market promoters and “Blue” is for socialist nanny-statist totalitarians whereas everywhere else in the world “Red” Stands for socialism and “Blue” liberty? How’d that happen?

        1. I had to look up your querstion. Who knew? I didn’t:
          In 1976, NBC debuted its first election map on the air, with bulbs that turned red for Carter-won states (Democratic), and blue for Ford (Republican). This original color scheme was based on Great Britain’s political system, which used red to denote the more liberal party. However, other stations used different colors and designations for a variety of ideological and aesthetic reasons, which often differed from person to person.

          The color coding we’re familiar with today didn’t stick until the iconic (and extremely lengthy) election of 2000, when The New York Times and USA Today published their first full-color election maps. The Times spread used red for Republicans because “red begins with r, Republican begins with r,” said the senior graphics editor Archie Tse, “it was a more natural association.”

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