Fox Declares Trump and Sanders Victorious in NH

Kasich in second. Christie in a distant fourth. Only 4% of the vote in but I guess this is Christie’s swan state. 

17 thoughts on “Fox Declares Trump and Sanders Victorious in NH

    1. Hillary reminds me of Cam Newton. She thinks very highly of herself and refuses to give credit to Bernie for running a great campaign in NH. Rather, tonight she put out a statement saying the South Is her kind of people, dissing Bernie’s voters.

      1. You are right Jane. Hillary put out a stupid statement rather than congratulating her opponent. But that’s her style. Sadly though, she WILL prevail and get the nomination, unless Biden steps in. Sanders message will not translate into Ebonics. 😁

  1. Christie didn’t do anywhere near as well as fourth place. More like sixth. He and Carly and Dr. Carson are toast.

  2. It’s a total waste of time to worry/watch TV about next prez.
    Especially if one is over 60! Better to have job.
    The -/+70 year old peeps running are toast.
    No way Orange (dt) or Cankles (h) will be in WH. Or grandfather. Or bridgeguy.
    I’m all in for Mister πŸš„Amtrak! Go Joe!
    He knows Delaware….home to your Mom.
    And, he can run on a reforming the fur industry platform : πŸ―πŸ¦πŸƒπŸ˜πŸΏπŸ…πŸ˜πŸŠ

  3. I liked the Convention protocol better.
    Everything was decided in a week!
    Having worked at least 2 when I was tv news.
    That was when the R or D would convene in someplace like the Superdome and then drop tons of balloons.
    Nancy and Ronald! George and Barbara! etc.
    Still hoping that Joe Biden gets nominated!
    I have never met him. So, he may be a jerk like Orange or Grandfather or Cankles.
    Joe B would be perfect for me.
    Plus, he once copied a speech. Not that bad.
    Tres sympatco life story. Lovely spouse Jill.
    And, he knows the amtrakπŸš„ Sked, Baltimore to DC.
    I’m sure someone u know has met him…..

    1. Joe is very visible in Greenville where he lives with Jill. Joe attends the Catholic Church and is often seen having breakfast at a mom and pop eatery. He belongs to Wilmington CC and plays fairly regularly. No pretense about him at all. But don’t forget he’s a Dem and is Little Sir Echo to Obama’s policies. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Sadly all of the R runners are losers!
    That includes Orange, with whom I spent a day. Likely he would start both WWIII and
    Historically equity portfolios have gone up during D administrations. My only concern.
    Short sellers are making fortunes these days.
    That’s the GS model. Making money always.
    No hope for average peeps.
    Amtrak Joe is a better person than Cankles.
    Romney was last electable R. Fine person, like RR. Let’s not bring Dick Cheney back πŸŒ‘πŸ’€
    The truly hated Cruz(w/GS wife) or grandfather or Cankles are not anything to look forward to.
    Joe+Jill will not be like the entitled o’s.
    She has job. Status quo. Nothing will change!
    It’s a no brainer.
    God help us if it’s a hc v dt election!
    Have a great vacation!

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