Carnac Predicts………

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

New Hampshire Results:

Democrats: Bernie Sanders by 15 points over what’s her name

Republicans: Donald Trump by 5 points over Jeb Bush in second place. Kasish a close third.

Speaking of Johnny, he’s baaaaaack on TV, full shows, not just the clips of the Best of..on Antenna TV. I record it because it’s on at 11 and I am never disappointed at how Johnny hosted his show with such sheer talent – making his guests feel so important. I am not a fan of Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers, both have the same schtick and it’s hard to tell who is who, but Johnny, well, he was one of a kind. No confusing him with another host.

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  1. I don’t think Trump will win NH and I predict this is the beginning of his demise. The real candidates will begin to mount a rising campaign – Jeb, Kasich and Christie. Cruz and Rubio bail soon.

        1. I think Christie suits my sensibilities the most. An R who ran a D state and is fairly moderate socially and who can be strong enough to get things done. Bush is too namby pamby. I think he’d get rolled over by Hillary.

        2. Too obnoxious for me. I didn’t see the Saturday debate where he called out Rubio for repeating himself but I did hear something really funny yesterday on Mark Levin’s radio show: He played Christie saying the same stuff year after year at various different events. All politicians repeat talking points. Anyway – Christie is too jerky for me.

        3. Christie might be jerky (and I am sure every last one of them has a loop that can be made of their favorite lines – Fiorina comes to mind) but I like Christie because he isn’t afraid of tacking the other side. He’s not the most couth, I agree, but couth didn’t get Romney a whole lot, did it?

        4. Excellent point EOSr. Couth got Romney nowhere. Although I know (or believe I know from my door to door campaigning in OHIO the day before and day of the election) that what kept people from voting for Romney was his religion. Christie is definitely bold and unafraid. I do think you can argue that a governor is far more qualified to be president too. I’d vote for him – be fine with him. One more thing – no one talks about it much – but will a new yorky kind of person fly in the rest of the country? People like Christie, Bloomberg, Sanders and Cuomo (someday) I think they are all too new yorky. Interestingly Trump does not fall into this group I think because of his celebrity.

        5. So if being a Mormon kept some from voting for Romney, why aren’t people talking about Bernie Sanders being Jewish? I know HE doesn’t talk about his religion. I don’t think he hides it, but he doesn’t go there. I don’t think people associate Sanders with a religion as they did Romney but I wonder if he made a big deal about being the first Jewish president if that might stop some. I would hope not. Bloomberg doesn’t seem to wear his religion much either but I do think he’s a practicing Jew. It would be nice if religion played no part in anyone’s decision. But alas….

        6. Indeed – they are not talking about it, but they will. Or at least they will *think* about it. I believe that Sander’s religion and Bloomberg’s too, should he decide to run, will hurt them. It’s sad but there is too much antisemitism in America and in the world.

        7. It’s shocking the level of anti-semitism but I blame Obama. His natural enemy is Israel and the way he’s treated the country and her leaders is appalling.

  2. What would the EOS readership think of a Bloomberg candidacy? I’d like to hear.

    Also, it might be a good conversation to indulge in while EOS is en route to her BOAC destination. I hope she brought her white gloves AND her white go-go boots!😜

    I’d certainly be interested in Bloomberg. I lean to being socially liberal and financially conservative (not an oxymoron, despite current political commentariat diktats), plus I think pragmatism beats ideological purity any day of the week.

    For one thing, Bloomberg’s business accomplishments are far more substantial than Trump’s. For another, he skillfully ran the city that fancies itself a “melting pot,” but is more accurately described as a “toxic stew.” (Hey, I lived there 1976-1991 … I slogged through a lot of toxic stew.) He has meaningful business and governance experience, and his worst Nanny-State inclinations would no doubt be quashed by Congress.

    Pretend this is a blue book essay exam. Who’s better? Who’s worse? Compare and contrast.

    1. I have mixed feelings about Bloomberg. Agree with you his business successes are substantially better than Trump’s but they are in very different businesses. Trump needed to glad-hand a lot more than Bloomberg for his deals to go through. A Bloomberg News editor resigned this week because she said Bloomberg didn’t want his own news company to be doing a story on his potential run for president so I think Bloomberg’s own fiefdom of business is how he’d run his campaign. He doesn’t cotton to being told no.

      Bloomberg scares me to death with his anti-gun stance and I’ve watched him throw his money into so many state races to change the tide of gun control issues. He’s lost every time. That says to me his instincts aren’t very good or his people are advising him wrong..or he doesn’t care and spends the money anyway. Not good in any form.

      I’ve met the man a few times and he’s about as personable as a dead cat. He doesn’t like to talk to little people and is fairly insulated in his own world. That’s not to say he isn’t smart – for sure he is, but I don’t see any way shape or form he could appeal to anyone outside 10021 – maybe 06830, but not 10506 – this is pretty much Trump territory here with all the land he owns etc.

      I also wonder if not being married would hurt Bloomberg. His girlfriend is beautiful and smart but I don’t know if she’d campaign with him. It doesn’t bother me that they aren’t married but for flyover country – it might.

      I’m not even sure if he ran what party it would be with. He’s hardly a Republican. Would he run as a Dem or an Independent?

      Bottom line, I don’t see his viability.

  3. Bloomberg is a pompous ass. My husband had to play golf with him at Glen Arbor and said the guy was cold and rude to the other players (it was a charity event) and even less nice to the club staff. I don’t think he goes far at all.

    I don’t know how a house in Bermuda plays well as a candidate either. I can’t IMAGINE he’d want to live in the White House or be stuck in DC for the next x#/years. Bloomberg likes to get up and go when he wants and that kind of lifestyle doesn’t work when President (except for the Obama’s).

  4. From what he’s said, Bloomberg would run as an independent. I believe you when you say he displays zero personality when you meet him face to face. I mean, even when he’s smiling, he looks like The Grinch. However, I’m one of the (apparently very few) people who don’t care if a president is “likeable.” I mean, I’m not voting for Who I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With.

    I remain genuinely baffled by Trump’s enduring (growing) appeal. To me, he’s just a blowhard. Voters who swoon over tough talk can go with Christie — his prosecutorial skills make him a pleasure to watch, even when you don’t agree with him.

    You’re right, Bloomberg would have to do some modification on his gun control stance. Not that I’ve paid too much attention to it, frankly, or to anyone else’s. Hot air from all directions. Plus, the only place I’ve ever had a handgun stuck to the side of my head was … NYC.

    Here’s a fun fact: Land of Bernie Sanders–Vermont, of course–has famously relaxed gun regs. So much so that the state of Arkansas dropped its concealed carry reciprocity agreement with the state of Vermont. Repeat — Vermont is too wild and woolly for Arkansas’s tastes! I do love these eccentric Krankee Yankees who refuse to conform to pollsters’ assumptions about their belief clusters.

  5. I’ve been watching Johnny as well. So good at what he did. Also fun to see the stars from a long time ago! What grace and class. Don’t see those qualities too much these days….

    1. It’s like the only way new hosts can make a joke is at the expense of someone else. Seth Myers ripped apart Ben Carson yesterday with some crack about not being a neurosurgeon. It wasn’t remotely funny.

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