The Jerk Store Called and They’re Running Out of You!


Classic George, always one step off, unable to really get that Comeback that we all dream of delivering but never get a chance to do in real life.

My mother went to the furrier today with the pieces of fur and the owner took them and showed her that they were cut from the coat he keeps telling her is hers but that my mother swears isn’t.

In other words, she’s done with him. She told him she was incredibly stressed out from the ordeal of not being believed, and the asshole bounced back and said HE was stressed too. This is the moment I wished I had been there today for my own Jerk Store comeback but alas, the snow kept me home. I felt badly that I was not able to be any support but my sister and I encouraged her to let it be. She told him she didn’t want the coat, that it was NOT hers, that he could keep it and hope he felt like crap for treating her so badly.

For anyone in the greater Philadelphia area thinking of buying furs, please do not patronize the Jacques Ferber Furrier. I’m not going to give them the benefit of a link to their website even because they don’t deserve any publicity other than to let you know how badly they treated my mother. It was deplorable how cold and mean the owner Ken Ferber was to my mother – how he never gave her any benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to understand. Sigh.



4 thoughts on “The Jerk Store Called and They’re Running Out of You!

  1. Is there ANY way your mother was mistaken? I hate to even ask this but the owner seems to have dug in his heels and today showed her where the pieces went.

    1. My sister and I talked about this yesterday and again today. Our instinct is that she knows her clothes inside out and backwards but she does have some trouble seeing. Could she be mistaken? I suppose but unlikely.

      Let’s say for argument sake she was wrong – it still doesn’t give the owner any right to make her feel so badly. He could have taken any number of tactics to handle this and the fact that he did dig in his heels and never let up on her for being wrong, that’s reason enough for me to make sure people don’t do business with him.

  2. I have fur stories of my own from discovering lipstick in the pocket when returned from cold storage to bills for alterations I never authorized. Women know their own furs. Too bad you didn’t go with your Mother to the furrier. The way the skins are stitched together is a very good indication of whether the cuffs belong to that jacket. I learned a lot about furs from a college friend who was a part time model for a NY fur designer. That was in the days before PETA, naturally.

    My money is on your Mom. I’m sorry I don’t know anyone in the Philadelphia area to steer away from Ferber. But, I’m sure I will find someone eventually.

  3. Maybe next time you visit and examine the evidence (fur coat and associated pieces), you could determine if something is amiss.
    Meanwhile, let’s pray for a warm winter in Delaware. And, truly sorry for your dear mother’s travails. She does have an iPad, right?

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