Current Mood Of Someone I Know!

Let the game begin already!!!!

I’m so DONE with promos and Obama interviews by Gayle King. Dear god Gayle, could you have asked any more insipid questions?? 

I’m ready for some football!!! I’ll call Denver in OT. 

8 thoughts on “Current Mood Of Someone I Know!

  1. We’ve been playing Catan this afternoon, keeping tv off until the game starts. Sorry I missed the Gayle interview. 😂😂😂

    We’ll take Carolina by 10. No overtime.

  2. Hysterical!!!!!

    We’re watching Cam Newton talk about being black and hating he’s injected race into game. My sister noted he couldn’t put a grammatically correct sentence together yet he supposedly went to college?

    Denver by a field goal.

  3. Queen Bey is getting so much press (not all good) for her Black Lives Matter halftime song I feel
    sorry for Coldplay who wasn’t big to begin with.

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