Breaking News: Change of Super Bowl Half Time Performers**

Coldplay is out. Shocking.

In their place, a new hipper (hippier??) group:

Hillary and The White Women Can’t Dance Seven


Warning: Watching this video may cause nausea, spewing out coffee from your nose, and worse, you may Feel The Bern.


** For you ONE Coldplay fan, this is a joke. Coldplay will still mellow us out at halftime with their one hit. But wouldn’t it be much more fun for Hillary to appear alongside Beyonce?


24 thoughts on “Breaking News: Change of Super Bowl Half Time Performers**

  1. That’s a riot but my all time favorite Hillary dancing photo goes back to when she and Bill fake loved each other for the cameras.

    1. Okay, I’m sensing a diss from you here chris – that I should KNOW Coldplay has a tons of hits but it’s that I’m too old not to know them? Wellllll, that’s true.

      What I DO know about Coldplay and Chris Martin is through my favorite nightime host, James Corden. I swear he’s the only host who gets it – he’s not a clone of the others and his Carpooling sketches are Emmy worthy. Did you see this one with Chris Martin?

      PS: The Buena Vista Social Club version of Clocks is awesome. Thanks

      1. You can stay awake for the Late Late Show? Corden is the best all around host late night has seen since Johnny Carson. Very different than Johnny – Corden is a performer/actor/singer – Johnny was a purist host but they both know how to bring out the best in a guest.

        Carpooling gets me laughing out loud ever time – We can’t stand Justin Bieber but his carpooling is one of Corden’s best.

        1. Hello, it’s Adele’s carpooling that has over 65 million hits on YT. Listen to Corden hit those notes. Even Adele is gobsmacked.

        2. Peter, Geez, We’re the same generation. You KNOW I can’t stay awake for the LLS. But I do record him.I hadn’t seen the Bieber clip. Funny.

        3. I had to grab Kleenex for the Adele one Anon2, from laughing out loud and from the sheer beauty of her voice and his harmony. Excellent clip.

      2. ha! not a diss to you, as i don’t really follow Coldplay (but thought ‘Clocks’ relatively interesting), but, more to them (probably not fair as they are more than a one hit wonder).

        the most i know about Chris Martin is that he was married to Gwyneth Paltrow – and major congratulations to him on the ‘was’.

        thanks for the clip. i hadn’t heard of James Corden before (though he looks familiar) and will now watch his show.

        1. Say what – you don’t know James Corden? Set your DVR and watch a few of his late night and watch these YT clips and you’ll see his talent. He’s been around a (relatively) long time in British comedy and theater but Americans came to know him on Broadway when he was in History Boys and then winning a Tony starring in One Man, Two Guvnors also on Broadway. He’s a fully talented writer actor singer.

  2. I can’t be let out of this thread or my kids would kill me if I didn’t link to the One Direction Carpooling. We do karaoke all the time in our house and never sound like Corden. In this one he sounds BETTER than One Direction and he knows all the lyrics too.

  3. I was unfamiliar with Corden and hardly knew about Adele but I laughed so hard at that clip. My eyes are still running.
    Will have to pay more attention to what’s on late late tv in the event of insomnia.

    1. Letterman thought of and did most cool things first back in his heyday like this clip. Then he became arrogant and political and a jerk and his feud with Jay Leno got tiresome. Sour grapes. But your clip is classic Dave. Corden bumps it up a few thousand notches.

      I’d love to know how many takes they have to do on this carpooling to get one long stream of usable tape – a backstory would be fun to see. There’s a mariah Carey one that’s only “meh” because she has pretty much lost her talented voice and she didn’t want to sing much with Corden and I’m sure no one who can’t sing live would dare expose themselves in the car – (well, not expose themselves in that sense, but vocally!)

      1. they do have a Stevie Wonder ‘Outtakes’, but it looked fine to me. i had to wonder about the conspiracy theory that Stevie is not actually blind because he seems to play with his phone a lot.

        i never watched Dave much because he seemed bitter all the time, but, when he was zany, well…

  4. How many cameras do they have in the car? Must be at least four in the One Durection clip because they have close ups of each of the people in back plus James and Liam.
    The Adele clip is the best of the lot.

  5. From what I’m hearing Coldplay’s hum drum music is just a pale backdrop for the racial singing by Beyoncé. She has a new single she’ll perform.
    Set in New Orleans, the clip features shots of Bey lying on top of a sinking New Orleans police cruiser as well as a graffiti’d wall that says, “Stop shooting us.” There’s also a scene of a black child in a hoodie dancing in front of a line of police officers in riot gear. At one point a man holds up a newspaper called “The Truth” with an image of Martin Luther King Jr. on the front page captioned, “More than a dreamer.” Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s daughter, also appears in the video”


    1. Oh god no. At the Super Bowl? So that’s why she signed up. Black History month. Hands up font shoot. New single.
      It’ll be a pee break for me.

  6. What a stinkpot of a halftime. I thought I had mono but it was just Coldplay. Beyoncé gyrates. Bruno Mars was good. Time to give up these halftime bonanzas.

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