If You Are Waiting For The Food Saver Review…

Hold on. Seems this IS rocket science. So far I’ve plugged it in. Put a roll of bags in. Cut one bag for the first use. That’s it so far. At this rate all the meat and chicken will go bad before I figure this machine out. #SlowLearner  

First try was chicken thighs. Six in a bag. Easy enough to seal one end and self-explanatory how to vacuum.

It didn’t seem to suck enough air out even though the automatic vacuuming button went off. Then within a minute, the seal came undone.

I cut off about two inches of the bag and tried to vacuum seal it again. It’s fair at best. The second bag of them vacuumed better but not how I pictured it to look.

Two bags are in the freezer now the one on the left looks like far more air got sucked out.

Tomorrow I’ll have an extra pair of hands to hold a camera so I can video the process.

Until then…..

7 thoughts on “If You Are Waiting For The Food Saver Review…

  1. I’ll try to help but I’m not familiar with your fancy gizmo. So, you cut and sealed a bag leaving the top open. You put chicken in the bag and tried to vacuum out all the air and seal the bag.
    Did you make a large enough bag?
    Is there a channel into which to place the open end of the bag? This may take some fidgeting.
    Could you see the bag being shrunk? If it is working properly you’ll know.
    If the bottom of the bag you made sealed, I wonder why the end you wanted closed did not. Did you leave enough of a space between the end of the bag and the sealing strip?
    Practice with a spoon and leave the meat in the fridge until you get the hang of the gadget.
    Pour a glass of bourbon and try again.

    1. Matt seems like areal regular guy whose appeal crosses continents. I can see why he was chosen.
      It’s the dream job for every car junkie. Lucky Matt.

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