I Did Not See This Coming 

Woke up to quite a beautiful heavy wet snow fall. Only 4″ predicted but it’s hanging on the trees as it it were more. 

Me, I’m glad I did my chore loop yesterday so I can hunker down at home today. One of my city kids was planning on coming up for a couple of hours but not sure now if that’ll still happen especially since that would require a train station pick up by me! 

4 thoughts on “I Did Not See This Coming 

  1. From hour to hour the expected snowfall totals have changed. At one point, it reached the 8-12′ point. It’s now 3-5″ here but the ground is still warm and the thermometer is above freezing. Schools are closed and that means the library is as well. Oh, the forecast now calls for 6-8″.

    1. This took me totally by surprise but having been under the weather all week, I wasn’t paying any attention to the forecast. RI is getting far more snow than was forecasted. Stay warm inside.

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