I Hated To Be One of These People

But I was. I’m the cart on the right. 😬

I was out and about all day, first time in several days so the chore loop was very long. Last stop grocery store. I was shocked how much snow was still stacked up and unmelted, much of it IN FRONT OF the cart return stations.   Like wouldn’t that be the first place the staff would shovel? 

I looked once then twice for a cart return that was clear then said eff this and plunked my cart up on the curb. We can’t always be perfect. 

Breaking News: I did manage to buy meats to try out the Food Saver tomorrow so stay tuned.  I can SEE your excitement!!!!! [sad blog trombone


2 thoughts on “I Hated To Be One of These People

  1. One of the best features of vacuum packing meats is thawing them in the sealed bag in a pot of cool water. Takes about 1/2 hour and they’re ready to cook. Steaks I cook from frozen. Sear and oven bake at a low temp.

    We missed last week’s snow storm but are right in the path of tomorrow’s.

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