Now I Need to Grocery Shop for Something to Vacuuuuuuum

My FoodSaver arrived Saturday but feeling under the weather yesterday I didn’t run out and buy chicken or something else to try the new baby out. I might try sealing a bag of almonds to see how it works and how to even turn it on! For this I had to actually read the owner’s manual. Looks like lots of bags came in the kit, even ones marked freeze and steam, for things like fresh veggies. That’s a great thing for a gardener.


My cold is hanging out in my head now so I plan to lay low all day to kick this out of my system. I’ve already had three cups of tea, one bowl of chicken noodle soup, and two bottles of water.

I’m paying bills and listening to TV, amused at how many MSNBC lapdogs are calling Hillary so strong and invincible. Chuck Todd (Toad) said he’s never seen her in a better form than she was at a gathering last night. They are so in the tank for her it isn’t even funny. Andrea Mitchell went into long detail why Hillary will never be indicted (and she’s likely right, the DOJ has no balls to take her down).

Enjoy the day. I’m here if you feel like chatting about anything else.

25 thoughts on “Now I Need to Grocery Shop for Something to Vacuuuuuuum

  1. You have the fancy pants Food Saver. I think once you get into the habit of using it you’ll find the vacuum packages take up a lot less room in the freezer than the old foil wrapped stuff does. To play with the gadget today, find something ready in your freezer and vacuum pack it.

    Not much you can do about a cold. Play it for all it’s worth if you can.

    Lovely, warm day here. Miata weather if one had a Miata without a dead battery and little inclination to charge it up.

    1. It was a special kit sale and came with a lot of things that didn’t with the other models. Like a bowl made for marinating quickly.
      I’m planning on doing nothing today, for a capital N. Tomorrow I’ll play with the FoodSaver.
      The temps are expected to get in the 60s here this week. Worthy of starting the Miata and putting the top down.

    1. I’ve heard over and over that Clinton supporters don’t care about her email problem. On the other side, I read that if Bernie loses to her tonight, his supporters will blame his too kind approach to her emails. Bernie could hit Hillary hard and shed have no defense but for whatever reason he won’t go there.

      Chris Cillizza is a pretty decent writer.

      1. Do the folks you know in Iowa talk politics with you or is that a subject that is best left alone? If they do, is there anything that the media is leaving out/skewing?

        1. Oh we most definitely talk politics because they (mostly) are diehard R’s. Their sons are split. One for Cruz. One for Rubio. The parents are like me, confused and not sure who is out there for us. We’ve made a pact that if we have to we’ll hold our noses and vote for Trump but it’s with misgivings.
          Diana’s brother and his wife are liberals, would have caucaused for Hillary until Bernie came into the mix seriously. I haven’t asked Diana today if her brother is staying pat with Bernie.

    1. I’m still in suppress mode. Starting to cough slightly and my nose is stuffy but the tea with lemon and lots of honey could go the trick. I’m old enough to still have Vicks in my bathroom closet and will use it tonight.

        1. D as in Decongestant?

          I might take something tonight before bedtime but for now I don’t need a thing strong. Maybe if it gets worse. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Spring has sprung! Witch hazel blooming in CT!
    Hope you beat your cold. Am just now over a most insidious one — lasted two weeks. Achoo.

    1. Two weeks??????? That’s very long cold. I don’t think mine is a cold. No runny nose to speak of. Just a strange set of achy bones. Old age?

      PS: Witch hazel is one of my favorites.

  3. Whatever else you do, try this in addition … Before bed, lather Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet, then put on heavy socks. Odd, I know, but give it a go. It’s been known to help, as the soles of the feet have a lot of pores. No downside, other than oddly mentholated socks + a confused Dawg.

    1. So many doctors say the soles of your feet are the eyes of the health of your body (or something like that – you get my drift). Acupuncturists go for the feet first too so there must be something to the theory. I see those pads for sale to detoxify your feet. No thanks but your suggestion is a good one. I didn’t do it but the theory is spot on.

  4. EOSr-

    I hope you feel better. VERILY!! If your head is clogged with snot, the best thing to do is inhale warm water through your nose. It will make you snort like a horse and unclog your head. You will blow amazing snot rockets! Have a paper towel handy, or you will ruin the rug. And make sure to evacuate first, because you may shart yourself.

    Anyhows, I have been thinking of buying one of these gizmo’s for a while, but I haven’t because they look like they are a pain in the ass to use. So I am most interested in your review. And how much did it cost, if I may be so bold as to ask?

    And if you don’t like it, can I swap you a once used Sous-vide stick? STILL IN THE ORIGINAL BOX!!

    Your Pal,

    1. Thankfully I didn’t need to buy a netty pot – my nose wasn’t running at all. A dry hacking cough that set my ribs aching and when I coughed so much (TMI warning!!) I’d do the old lady pee. I have lots of laundry to do today! 🙂

      I paid $179 for the Food Saver. I expect to grocery shop tomorrow for things to try it out. Stay tuned.

  5. A nosey neighbor kind of question about your interest in the vacuum-packing food machine …
    Why? In particular, why now? Something you’ve been distantly thinking is a good idea for RI veggies & fruits and fish and prepared dishes?

    Or … insert diabolical thought processes here … if you have some inside info on preparing for the End Times, would you pass it along? I may have to up my Arkie fish & game skills 🤓 .

    1. I buy meat in bulk for making Dawg’s stew – whether chicken or beef. I freeze the meat that I’m not using so I have some at hand when another batch needs to be made. Freezer burn happens so often.

      Yes too for the RI angler and gardener. It’s a perfect solution for fresh caught striper. I have some in the freezer now that’s triple wrapped in aluminum foil and should be eaten on the sooner side. Also a couple of weeks ago I bought two pieces of salmon but didn’t end up eating them that night so they too are wrapped. The food saver should be a solution to that problem too.

      As for the End of Times – that could depend on who wins the 2016 Election!!

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