WTC Observation Deck – WOW!!!!

Going upppppppppppppppppppppp!
On tap this morning was to take the elevator to the top of the new WTC and walk around the observation deck. No sooner did we get in line than a band of clouds came through, with snow too, but we still opted to go up, even though the view was only fair.

The elevator ride up was a tad unnerving but there’s a media show on inside the elevator to take your mind away that you are very rapidly being taken up 102 floors. The media showed NYC from its beginning and the higher floor you went up, the newer the city got, more buildings built, and the last images were of the WTC i-beams being put up as you got to the top floor. Whoever put the media together gets an A.

TSA-like security

The show Inside the elevator!!!
The rest of the photos are self explanatory – even got peeps for Cos. It was mesmerizing, a must for anyone and we will go back when the sun is shining because I am sure the view then is beyond wow!!


The new transportation hub, like the fish scales from our trout last night.

A crane operator up in that bucket. Oh dear.

My favorite photo, taken by daughter E

Lots of school groups.

10 thoughts on “WTC Observation Deck – WOW!!!!

    1. We were overwhelmed with the beauty. When you get off the elevator and before you go into the 360 observation booth, there’s one more media show along one wall. You stand there and when it’s over, they lift the screen and voila, your first oooooh aaaah moment seeing the view. Then you do a couple of Disney line meanderings to the observation room.

  1. Fabulous photos. John took the kids up last month on a day they had off from school. I was unable to join them but the kids loved the view. John was more circumspect, knowing a dozen or so friends killed on 9-11. Sobering.

    1. I got the sense that the people mingling today were all tourists with no one they knew lost when the towers fell. I don’t know that but that’s the sense I got. I have to say though, even though I personally knew three people who died in the towers, I found the observation deck uplifting. A renewal. A time to think ahead.

  2. I got goosebumps looking at your photos. I have not been up but now that I see what it looks like, I will go. Thanks for posting these.

      1. We’ve had only a so-so winter so far here in Miami. Lots of rain and chill so my wife might be ready before spring to fly north.

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