Babu Ji Whiz It Was Good! 

We ate at Babu Ji last night on Avenue B. The only way we could make a reservation was to have their tasting menu, so we did.

The place was packed to the gills and the long line when we left was around the corner. Amazing.

Lots of courses with food described to us by the waiter in a thick Indian accent such that we didn’t understand a thing he said, so we basically we just nodded and ate. And ate. Honestly it was way too much food but fortunately the city residents in our party vied to take home a huge doggie bag.

The sound was deafening in the restaurant. Tables close. No soft surface. I think I’d like to go back and order one thing, not the tasting menu. It was delicious though, an explosion of spices.

Herewith some photos of the courses, we didn’t take pictures of them all: just don’t ask me what I ate! We opted for a great pale ale with the meal. A perfect balance.

Like sweet and sour cauliflower! Yumm. 
Trout…………with a mint dipping sauce……Yummmmm
Can’t remember what this was – like a croquette but not. 
This was the main course!!! Lamb. Dal. Scallop. Veggies. Basmati rice. Naan. 
Just a small portion of the big crowds trying to get in as we left. No Reservations unless you are doing the tasting menu. 

Others who have been to Babu Ji said they too felt overwhelmed by the noise inside but that it’s MUCH better in the summer when they open the side and front door panels. I believe that. All the surfaces were hard – even metal plates – and oh, that does a number on my teeth using a fork inside a metal plate. I’d change that, first thing.

Worth the hype? Not sure, but everyone around us was packing it in and I didn’t see one unhappy face.

4 thoughts on “Babu Ji Whiz It Was Good! 

  1. I have eaten there when the doors were all open. Makes a huge difference.
    Did you have the coconut milk pistachio nut popsicle for dessert? Oddly good after all the spicy entrees.

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