Had My City Legs On

When we left the WTC we hoofed it up West, past Warren, across Harrison, up Hudson, over to Franklin to get to an art gallery on our list to see a glass blowing exhibit (separate post to come).

The cobblestone streets, the side alleyways, the gorgeous old buildings – pure NYC.

This alley off Harrison looks like it could be straight out of the 1800s. The man walking there looked old enough to remember the 1800s too. 

Oh to buy this stunner to fix up and live in. It needs a facelift but the lines, oh my. 
The streets were decently plowed and shoveled with the odd exception of the bus lane up Madison Avenue. I did wear boots as SoundBeacher advised, but it was remarkably easy to maneuver post snowstorm.

Love the street markers carved into the sidewalk.


4 thoughts on “Had My City Legs On

  1. ALL A+ shots!
    From the semi-stratosphere (wtc) to terra firma plus cobblestones, peeps and vittles.

    1. Those streets downtown are stunning. We came across a small enclave of antique brick townhouses in its own cul de sac right behind a CUNY building. They have to be really old. I’d love to know the history.

  2. Prior to going into NYC, didn’t you say your pics would be lousy because you only had your cell phone?
    These were terrific photos and a really nice tour. I’ve toured the 9/11 garden of reflection when it first opened. After seeing your pics I think I’ll go to the top of the tower. Not sure I’m ready to go to the museum, yet, tho.

    1. The observation deck can be done in a short amount of time. The museum can not. The deck doesn’t require much Kleenex. The museum does. The two parts of the new WTC are polar opposites in terms of emotion. The museum is a must though. Just allow a good couple of hours, or more.

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