Why I’m Glad I Created Baby Books for My Children  

Baby books? I bet a new mom today would be hard pressed to find one to BUY, let alone have actual photos to glue in the pages!!!

Today is the 30th anniversary of the horrible Challenger explosion and I knew I saved the newspaper, somewhere. Then it dawned on me I kept it in the back of our youngest’s baby book, the book worse for wear when a box it was stored in got wet, but still stuffed with great memories and statistics.

Even the Herald Tribune coverage of the Challenger.
Of course, I like to remember the happier things in this baby book…

Still, it’s hard not to reflect on the brilliant lives lost in the Challenger. It’s like so many other major tragic events- most of us remember where we were when this happened. We were in Switzerland then and I saw it on TV, sat stunned and confused at the explosion, and then tearful realizing what happened. Sigh.

I’m heading into the city in a few. Not bringing my camera so be forewarned, the photos I take will be lousy from my iPhone. Nonetheless, I’ll post pix as I see noteworthy from the city…

Happy Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad I Created Baby Books for My Children  

  1. Was in the city ALL day yesterday. Hope you wore waterproof boots if you are going to be walking around it’s slushy and wet at those corners where the snow was melting fast! Nice weather for walking around tho!

  2. The Challenger disaster was one of the moments in history where you remember where you were when you heard it and started watching it replay endlessly. Like other events, such as the JFK assassination, it changed how we thought about ourselves and our abilities.

    The tie back to the baby book is that it humbled us and made us appreciate the importance of family love and affection. The nature of modern life and its organization and pressures is that working moms do not have time to list baby’s first-year words. It is very sweet that you did.

  3. Waiting in the carpool line for my pre-K boy on a fine, fine day …. listening to the HORROR on WCBS radio …. in my comfy AMERICAN station wagon. Followed soon thereafter by Pres. Reagan’s (Peggy Noonan’s) eloquent speech. Wondering: Did they know? How long were they conscious before……….. What fine people we lost.

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