Serious Patio Envy

I have always always always wanted a part of my outdoor space to be covered – for rainy nights to still enjoy being outside, for barbecuing when it’s pouring, or for times to get out of the bright sunshine. Alas and alack, here in Bedford, I do not have that in place and might consider it except like everything else in Westchester County, it requires getting a permit and for this particular vision, quite a few $$$$$.

I have a perfect place for such an outdoor covered space, right off the french doors of the breakfast room (I’d go outside and take a photo but I’d be lost in a snow drift, so take my word for it).

This is what I envision………..droooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll

Carman Bay Cottage Lake Minnetonka, via Houzz

Simple. Gorgeous ceiling. Not huge. BBQ covered. Easy access back inside. Outdoor Fireplace. The ONLY thing I’d eliminate is the outdoor TV. I don’t see the need for a TV outside, unless you live where it’s warm all year long, then maybe.

The comment section in this post from Houzz, someone asked what was protruding from the curved fascias?

Oh my, clever clever, they are motorized screens from Phantom. They look sensational but I wonder if in real-time application kids and dogs go right through them or lose their traction etc. I’d like to give it a try, in my next house.

I’d take any one of these patios….

Double yes please


Here’s another one with the retractable phantom screens

Now, reality, out in the snow, to run to Target and the grocery store. Oh snap.

11 thoughts on “Serious Patio Envy

  1. The single biggest reason we bought our house in Bedford was the huge covered porch it has. We live outdoors and it was great when the children were little and we had lots of rain – they could still be outside, playing with chalk or coloring or doing art projects.

  2. We have a classic, covered front porch with a pair of rocking chairs. Perfect for cocktails and watching the world go by. The large screened in porch off the living room French doors gets a lot of use from May through October.

    Our house isn’t all that big so having the extra space is a plus.

    1. That’s a real key – having usable outdoor space when the house isn’t all that big. The Carriage House is quite small but will have TWO decks, one covered. There’s only so much quality time a couple can have. 🙂

  3. When I lived far away enough from the neighbors to enjoy outdoors, the Mosquitos started eating at dusk, so a fine screen was required.
    Do you think that an outdoor TV would act like a bug attractor? If so, I’d include that patio tv.
    Carmen Bay is my pick. Fireplace, TV, couch, GRILL. Outdoor life

    1. Good question about the bugs to the TV. I don’t know anyone with an outdoor TV to ask but I think your assumption makes sense. I’ll let you buy one then tell me.

      Carmen Bay is my gold standard too. I did buy lottery tickets today, just in case. I figure now that all the frenzy is over for the last big draw, few people are buying tickets. 🙂

    1. Wow. If I’m going to have a patio with such gorgeous furniture it sure as heck won’t be in Bedford. Those pieces deserve ocean front villa status.

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