But First Ma’am, There’s the Matter of a Past Due Balance

You talkin’ to ME?

I was out and about all day in the 45 degree balmy weather with the contrast of still lots of snow on the ground and decided to pop into Verizon to talk about upgrading to an iPhone 6s. Not the 6sPlus – too big for my delicate little hands.

My contract expired a while ago so I am on a month to month plan and am eligible for an upgrade. As I gave the employee my cell phone number, he told me he would be unable to give me an upgrade because I had a past due account……..of …………….drum roll please…

Thirty six CENTS!!!!!!!

I said, oh I know that and when I got a bill for it last month, it said right on the invoice DO NOT PAY. So I didn’t. I’m not sure how the 36Β’ accrued other than I misread the bill.

ANYWAY, the kid helping me had to call his boss to override the system to continue selling me the upgrade and then we got onto the business at hand – should I buy the iPhone 6s?


What really prompted the entire thought process of buying the 6S was that the Otter box for my 5series is broken and good luck finding ANYTHING for the 5 series. The 5 is so yesterday.

We hashed out the numbers, got to a plan that is about what I spend now per month, what I’d have to pony up for the phone ($299), then when I said okay, he said, Oh, we don’t have any in stock now except the gold color. No thanks.

Q:Β I don’t know about Verizon’s pricing of the iPhone6s. They call the retail price $799 but right on Apple’s website, their retail for the 64gb is $749. Hmmmm. Add that difference to the one time Verizon activation fee of $40 when buying a new phone, and there’s $100! That’s not an inconsequential sum of money. Should I buy it at Apple?

I’m not sure how much I’d gain by buying the 6s. They said it has a better camera but that doesn’t help me much because I’m still the user and I take LOUSY iPhone photos.

Long story short(er), maybe I’ll just shop around online for a new cover for the old 5s and be happy.

Thirty six cents for your thoughts!Β πŸ™‚



21 thoughts on “But First Ma’am, There’s the Matter of a Past Due Balance

  1. Wait for the 7. It’s coming out sooner than later. The 6s will become as much of a yesterday phone as your 5. Otter boxes are available at Amazon for all iPhones.

  2. I won’t be any help. I have one of those old Verizon unlimited plans which they won’t renew if I upgrade. My iPhone 4 works just fine, but, I am thinking of the 5s because I prefer the ‘rectangular’ shape to those rounded corners of the 6s. Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. Do you still compute using DOS commands too??? πŸ™‚
      I couldn’t tell you what shape my phone us because it’s way under the Otter box she’ll, which has rounded corners by the way.

    2. Chris, you’ve hit upon the biggest pet peeve I have in life. You motor along, happy with what you have, then you find out BAM you are no longer supported, no longer available, no longer renewable. Thanks for letting me vent too.

  3. We used to have Verizon and they’d constantly “forget” to take off European calling when we returned from a vacation and various other things that inflated our bill. After spending far too many hours on the phone getting credits, we switched to T mobile and their prommotion – 4 phones, unlimited calling etc… for $100. We are saving over 200 per month now. Service is just fine. Calls are dropped occasionally just like they were with Verizon but in different places. We never have to call about mysterious incorrect charges. Switch to T-Mobile EOSr and the savings will pay for your new covered porch (eventually πŸ™‚ )

    1. Great suggestion but I don’t know a soul other than you with T-Mobile. I’ve had ATT and switched to Verizon because that’s where my land line is too.**
      I come from the school that being a long time Verizon customer gives me leverage for bargaining prices. They already reward me for staying with Verizon even though my contract has expired- it’s like a $15/mo discount. But I’ll take a peek at their pricing with such a strong bit of advice.

      **To Chris’s and Dino’s venting: Verizon used to have One Billing- that the land and cell phone lines are sent in one bill. No longer available. Why? No answer. Grrrr.

      1. Mr. Toonces is on a business trip so I’ll have to wait and ask him, but I think our Verizon bill was consistantly around $275 – sometimes more! T mobile is wonderful – everywhere we go and there aren’t extra charges on the bill and it is not 10 or more pages like the Verizon bills were. I believe Mr. T said we are saving a few thousand each year by switching. Like you – we didn’t know very many people with T-mobile. One or two. But now we are meeting more and more who switched and everyone is happy. I think our land line is provided by our cable company. Verizon gaves us discounts too – but nothing anything close to the money we are saving.

        1. We must have much lower data plans than you do because our two-phone Verizon bills are closer to $170/mo. Mr. EOS’s phone is RI based and mine is NY based so we actually don’t even have combined bills. But I checked the RI coverage for T Mobile and it’s listed very light pink, or fair coverage. NYC I’m sure is no problem – it’s when you get about and about.

      1. Yep chris we looked at all the surveys and comps and consumer reports too. Verizon has more towers etc… but we have noticed no difference in the places we go in the US and abroad. If anything T-mobile is better.

      1. I’ve had no problems with Apps and my samsung 5 (which Mr. T says is better than his Samsung 6 because it fits just a tad better in a pants pocket). Here’s a very cool one I got. You buy the stick on thingy for $250 and you download the app for free and, VOILA, you can do your own EKG and get results in 30 seconds. Toonces’ heart beats too fast sometimes – probably due to all those car accidents! http://www.alivecor.com/home

  4. My wife has the Samsung Galaxy 6 and I have an iPhone 6s. She likes her phone a lot, bigger screen for her aging eyes. I like the apps and Imessaging of the iPhone. Samsung is about to introduce their 7 so no matter what you decide, wait a few months and get a 7 of either brand.

  5. I’ve had iPhones for I don’t know how long. Current model is a space gray iPhone 6s. I’m happy with it because I use only Apple products having started with an Apple 2e way back when.

    Get the gold if it’s the only one available because the case will cover it up.

    I can’t speak to cell plans. I’m on AT&T with unlimited data. Grandfathered.

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