Monday Morning Frustrationville


Two lingering tasks on my to-do list can’t seem to get resolved, despite my dogged attempts at getting to the bottom of things.

Problem One: Safe Haven Storage, Mount Kisco

UPDATE AT 2PM: I just left the storage company and lo and behold, the worker there today said that Kris JUST filed the credit card credit paperwork this morning. Oh, right. How conveeeeeeeenient. I’ll believe it when I see the credit.

We emptied what few things were left in this storage room on December 30. At that time, I went into the office to say we were due a credit for the month of January because I had prepaid several months in advance. The junior pipsqueak working that day had no idea to handle a credit, told me to call back when the manager Kris was there.

Soooooooooooo, fast forward to today. I’ve called Kris. I’ve emailed Kris. I’ve gone back to the storage company at least twice. First time back another junior pipsqueak told me Kris was coming in later that day and he’d leave him a note to call me. Raise your hand if you think he called me. Right. I’ve emailed Kris twice, on two different email address I have for him, one @aol and another @safehavenstorage. No response to any email. The second time I went in there I was told that Kris has been ill, was going back to the doctor today. Oh c’mom folks. I only look stupid. I told the kid on duty that day that I wanted cash, no more waiting for a credit cart credit.

This morning, called the company at 11:00am and it went to message. They never answer, never ever and when I go there, I never ever get anyone who can give me back my money.

Any suggestions?

Problem Two: Kuritzky Glass, Mount Kisco

They installed the glass shower door in the new master bath. I’ve used them for every shower door I’ve done or redone for years and always found them reputable and helpful.

BUT, this new glass shower door doesn’t stay plumb. Every three months, the door goes off kilter and the door part bangs into the fixed pane of glass on the other side. It means a phone call and setting up a time they can come out. They always do come, working at the hinges, it works for three months, almost like clockwork, then it starts to bang. I can assure you I don’t swing on the door to pull it out of plumb. The master bathroom isn’t sitting on new construction such that the room would settle. It was existing space redefined, so that can’t be the problem.

ANYWAY, last week I called Kuritzky and said this was getting tedious and that before they come to repair this time they might make some phone calls to find out if others have this problem, what’s causing it, and how to fix it permanently. I’ve had glass shower does in every house and I’ve never had this issue.

No one called me back. I called Kuritzky this morning and got a man who was holding down the fort – the man to whom I regularly speak was “out sick”. The rest of the office was on site somewhere. That leaves the open project in my hands to call them back again tomorrow.

This is less of a complaint about Kuritzky than it is about the problem of the hinges. I’m going to Google the problem but in the meantime, if this has happened to you and you know the solution, HOLLER!

Unrelated to the frustration of Problems one and two, there is a Problem Three: Understanding last night’s Downton Abbey episode.


Happy Monday. Bedford is all dug out of snow. The roads looks perfectly fine. I’m ehaded out to do battle with Safe Haven Storage. Wish me luck!





10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Frustrationville

  1. Can’t you go higher up in the food chain than the manager of the Mount Kisco storage facility? There must be an off site owner or principal who would give you a refund.

    1. You’d think so but there’s no one listed on their website other than Kris the manager. I’ve Googled the company looking for owners. Nothing.
      I’m on my way there now.

  2. No surprise you were called back for the job interview as this is just a small sampling of the available workforce. How refreshing it would be for your potential employer to have someone with an actual work ethic in their employ.

    1. Bingo. I’ve seen blogs galore lately giving advice for the baby boomer getting back into the workforce and not surprisingly, I think it’s because we DO have a work ethic that can’t compare to our younger competition. Of course, I’m not applying to be a CEO or a rocket scientist, so my modest skill set has to be in the background of my interview and what I would give to the company is what I try and sing.

  3. Understanding last night’s Downton Abbey episode.

    This one is astonishingly easy to explain. When TV series are in their final year of production, the writing talent behind the series is already headed for the exits.

    1. Soooooooooooooo right. I’ve watched it twice. While I “get” it, I so don’t like it anymore. The writers are stretching to make scenarios happen. Then so many members of the staff are names that start with the letter B – Bates, Barrow, and Baxter. I get them confused. Add that everyone is a low talker and I’m ready for bed.

  4. From Yelp review of Safe Haven……but you had to click on ‘reviews not currently recommended’
    Seems like they have AAA problem giving back from 2013.

    Sonia R.
    Manhattan, NY
    0 friends
    3 reviews
    Storage unit and set up was easy. Getting your deposit not so. I’ve written an email 3 times, called twice and was told it can take up to 6 weeks to write a refund check. So far it’s been 5 weeks since I emptied my storage unit and I still don’t have a refund.

    1. Thanks. I am so not a Yelp user and I should be. I never occurs to me to look there for reviews.

      To add to the humor of yesterday’s assurance that my credit had been processed, home this afternoon to a message from Kris. It went something like this: “our accountant said it would be easier to cut yuou a check for the refund because you paid several months in advance it is complicated to get a refund for one month on your Visa.” [me: ha ha ha]. Kris added that he was meeting with his accountant tomorrow and would cut me a check in the afternoon. {Me, I’ll believe it when I have it in my hands, or when it’s been deposited, and cleared] My guess is that they have a serious cash flow problem.

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