Just Call Me Miss Colombia

On the phone early this morning with the company person who interviewed me last week, I did not get the job but they liked my skillset enough that they want me to come in this week to meet with other department heads. 

Mr. EOS says I should take that as a good sign, that they see talent and perhaps want me in a position to use those skills better than the job posted. They didn’t give me any specifics so I don’t even know what they have in mind, but the good thing is they didn’t balk at my salary request or my pending vacation dates. All to the plus side. 

I could be a Working Girl in 2016 after all. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

15 thoughts on “Just Call Me Miss Colombia

  1. Definitely a good omen. They don’t want to lose you. Hard to go to an interview for a vague position, though. Either there is a genuine opening or they want to create one for you.

  2. As a retired HR director , I know it is a very good thing that they want to interview you again. I’ll be thinking of you & wish you well.

      1. A 1000 per cent good thing that they want you back to be considered for something else (as others here have said.) Congrats!

        Re the movie “Working Girl” … I’ve long since given up trying to master Joan Cusack’s triple-decker-eye-shadow, but I still consider it an artistic triumph.

        1. The 80s were not kind to women’s fashion. Shoulder pads were as big as a football players gear – hair and makeup were Ringling Brothers worthy!

          I saw a new Antiques Roadshow last night was from Little Rock! Did you think of getting tickets to go?

  3. So glad you watched! Short answer: No. Long answer: The filming was done last summer (hence all those homely bare legs in shorts), getting tickets was a protracted, annoying procedure, and even if you were “lucky,” you still had to stand in line with your precious item for hours. Plus I have no reason to think any of my antiques are undervalued treasures. On the positive side, LR being the small -town place it is, I saw two people I know on there! There’s another installment next Monday, FYI.

    1. Ha! I’m an AR junkie so never fear I’ll see next week. I like the new format where they show some other appraisals from the people in line. The woman at the end with the needlepoint desk. Pricey for something I thought was pretty tough to look at every day but what do I know? Not much. Id go except I wouldn’t want to be the person with the fake. That’d be my luck.

      1. The show is always interesting, but you just have to hope that the people who get the $x,000 or $xx,000 appraisals don’t go on some sort of anticipatory spending spree. They should be given a decoder ring before they leave. “Auction value”: The most realistic price you might get if you have the thing up for auction in the right venue / at the right time / in front of the right audience / with really good karma. Good luck with that. The other “values” — “Insurance value” … what, you arrange to have it stolen? “Retail value” … hullo, YOU aren’t the retailer.

        I agree with you about that multi panel needlepoint desk thing-y. Yikes.

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